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Nothing says "early 1990s" more than pencil-thin eyebrows. Brows grow very slowly, so count to three when tempted to pick up those tweezers, says celebrity makeup artist Tonya Crooks. More Tips >

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Battle of the Beauties

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Beyonce or Halle Berry?

Celebrities are trading in long, flat straight hair for voluminous curls that add personality to their look. Beyonce sported a longer, layered style; Halle opted for a short bob. Who wore it better?



Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?

We sure hope not! But just in case you have been, here’s how to undo the damage. More »

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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s casual updo works with everything from jeans to sequins.

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Members of which gender can grow their hair faster?


What has you leaping out of bed on a cold weekend morning?

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