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Battle bikini-line bumps by changing your razor frequently. Not only will your shave be closer, you'll also avoid bacteria buildup on the blade, which could otherwise cause irritation. More Tips >

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2-in-1 belts

Wrap a long, lightweight, solid-color scarf around your waist and knot it loosely just in front of one hip bone. The dangling ends will make you look longer and leaner.

Shop at the children's aisle

Since sunscreen is needed all year-round, adults with sensitive skin should pick up baby sunscreen. Formulated with titanium or zinc oxide, this gentle lotion or cream protects the skin without causing irritation.

Embrace your animal instincts

A hint of leopard or other animal print -- on your feet or on a clutch-style handbag -- will transform a simple ensemble. Try it with all black for the most impact.

24-hour hold

Layer your hair spray for lasting control. Start with a fine mist of a light-hold hair spray before moving on to a maximum-hold spray so your hair won’t collapse under its own weight.

Color correctly

No need to start all over if you were heavy-handed with the blush, says makeup artist Raychel Wade. Just sweep a sheer, luminous powder over your cheeks to diffuse the color.

Arches of beauty

Pencil beats powder when filling in your eyebrows' bald spots. Using a super-sharp pencil and very light pressure, draw little hairlike strokes, then brush upward with a spooly brush, says brow guru Tonya Crooks.

A long-lasting brush

Clear out dead hair and dust from a hairbrush with a tail comb, but never soak it. You want your brush to become seasoned with all that residual oil.

At-home healing

Dry scalp? Massage with warm olive oil and cover with a shower cap for 10 minutes to soothe itching and dryness.

Dress for your coloring

Complement your tresses and stand out with primary colors like yellow and sapphire. Try solid tops and dresses in rainbow shades to find the one most flattering to your complexion.

A blast of cool

At the end of a blow-dry, hit the cool setting for a few seconds. It will seal the cuticle and leave hair shiny.

Add some pop

Dye and accessories from your local fabric store are an inexpensive way to add zing to your wardrobe. Make a cardigan sparkle with crystal buttons, or dye a plain white oxford a bright hue.


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