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Slimming Style Strategies

Dressing Room

Slimming Style Strategies

While good diet and exercise remain your two best bets in looking amazing, a few fashionable tweaks to your wardrobe can help virtually nip, tuck and create a svelte silhouette. These simple slimming tips will buy you some time until you write that exercise class into your new year’s resolution!

Take the Vertical Challenge
Wearing strategically placed stripes or all-black clothing isn’t the only way to create a visually elongating effect. Anything and everything that gets the eye gazing up and down can help lengthen and slim, including zippers, long necklaces, open slouchy cardigans, V-neck tops and dresses. The above essentially explains why wrap dresses, originally popularized by fashion icon Diane Von Furstenberg, are one of the best body-skimmers around. When worn in an elegant print or a rich solid hue, you get a figure-friendly finish. The same holds true for A-line skirts, which gently guide the eye up to their skinny tops, and down to their gentle flares.

Belt It Out
“The trick is placing the belt on the smallest point of your middle, which may not be your natural waist,” says Lloyd Boston, style editor and author of The Style Checklist: The Ultimate Wardrobe Essentials for You. “Fashionable women covet the waist-slimming benefits of the skinny belt, knowing that it’s for fashion -- not necessarily function.” If you’re worried about your waistline or think that by wearing a belt you’ll only be highlighting unsightly bulges, Boston recommends layering the sleek accessory beneath a dark, slimming jacket or blazer. “We only get a peek at it when the jacket is unbuttoned as it visually creates the look of a more defined waist.”

Try Low-fat Dressing
By that, we don’t mean salad dressing. In her book, How to Never Look Fat Again: Over 1,000 Ways to Look Thinner -- Without Dieting!, author and journalist Charla Krupp talks about a “menu” of clothing options wherein one can allot one “fattening” piece within an outfit, or go with “non-fat” choices. “Most of us have all three categories -- high fat, low fat, and no fat -- hanging in our closets and filling our drawers,” she explains. “Just like you wouldn’t keep chocolate mallows in the kitchen if you were trying to lose weight, you shouldn’t store fattening choices in your closet if you want to look slim.”

For example, if you’re wearing a floral-print full skirt, choose a top that flaunts and flatters your toned upper torso -- such as a stretchy V-neck -- rather than pairing it with a blousy white top. Or, skip the puffy skirt altogether and go with a monochromatic ensemble. “It doesn’t have to be black and doesn’t need to be boring,” says Krupp.

Get Posture-perfect!
“Sit up straight, like your mother told you to,” says Krupp. “When you slouch or relax into a C-curve, your midriff compresses and fat practically ripples. Get in the habit when you’re at the computer, and it will become second nature in public.”

Wear Hair All the Way Up
Now that you’ve got your slimming wardrobe in check, try this neat hair tip, courtesy of image consultant and president of Elan Image Management, Natalie Jobity: “Wear your hair up and away from your face. This is a simple trick that easily adds height if you create volume in the crown and wear your hair in a high ponytail or chic chignon,” she shares. “Wearing your hair pulled back also helps highlight your cheekbones and forehead, all of which can make your face look thinner.”

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Mariel Chua is the managing editor of The Style Glossy. She is the former beauty editor of the Philippine editions of Seventeen, Cosmopolitan and OK! Magazine and has contributed to various print and online titles. She writes about lifestyle, beauty and food on her blog, NYMinuteNow.com.

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