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Battle bikini-line bumps by changing your razor frequently. Not only will your shave be closer, you'll also avoid bacteria buildup on the blade, which could otherwise cause irritation. More Tips >

Top 4 Beauty Tips


Top 4 Beauty Tips

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Top 4 Beauty Tips
Amber Katz is the editor of Beauty Blogging Junkie, a hilarious pop culture-infused beauty blog that covers everything from eye shadow to hair spray to figure slimmers.

Here are the top four best secrets I’ve incorporated into my daily beauty lifestyle and preach to all of my grooming disciples.
Powder makeup ages you; as you get older, your skin dehydrates. So why sweep on dry particles that sit on your skin? Cream foundations, blushes and bronzers blend better and won’t dry you out.

A thermal ceramic barrel brush will impart far more volume than a boar-bristle iteration. A quick blowout with one of these brings me closer to ’70s shampoo commercial girl hair. Which is always the goal, really.

I scored this fabulous nail tip from Connecticut-based nail tech Theresa Stanley: The best shape for your nails is the one that mimics the shape of the way it grows from your cuticle. The free edge should be shaped to mirror that.

Bath and Body
Always slough off dry skin pre-shower with a non-oily body scrub. Water dilutes the scrub’s exfoliating properties, and unless you have an enormous shower in which you can stand away from the water stream, you risk washing off the scrub before it’s had a chance to thoroughly remove dead skin cells.

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