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Spice Up Your Classic Style!


Spice Up Your Classic Style!

Guest Blogger

Spice Up Your Classic Style!
Clare Press is a Sydney-based fashion journalist and former Vogue features editor who writes on style for The Australian newspaper. She also designs the women’s wear label Mrs. Press, and she blogs at MrsPress.Blogspot.com.

We’ve all done it: You wake up feeling daring and throw on an arty combo of clashing prints and clanking jewelry -- only to catch sight of yourself later looking odd, disheveled and slightly nuts. If only you’d worn the trench coat, stiletto pumps and high-waisted black pants. Here are four ways to make classic style a friend you can rely on:

1. A crisp white shirt always looks chic. Team it with classic blue jeans and ballet flats, and pull your hair into a high pony. Now, roll up your sleeves to show you mean business.

2. Nothing makes a woman walk taller than a beautifully cut little black dress.

3. The right classic leather tote or satchel goes anywhere, goes with everything and says you’re comfortable enough with your choices not to throw them over every three months. I don’t buy into the whole “It bag” thing and the pressure to spend thousands on a new tricked-up bit of leather each season. Buy the best bag you can afford, and it should last you for years.

4. Wear the right colors. There’s no situation that doesn’t seem easier to handle when I’ve got my lipstick on. Red is classic. Experiment at the beauty counter to choose the right one for your skin tone -- blondes suit more bluish tones; brunettes and redheads can flirt with warmer oranges.

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