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Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?


Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?

Guest Blogger

Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?
Lauren Fischer is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. She is a former editor at Woman’s World magazine, and has contributed to SavvyMiss.com and MakeupDealoftheDay.com. She blogs at ilovelippy.com. She writes frequently for The Style Glossy.

Dryness … breakage … frizz … the words alone can make your hair stand on end! Worse still: Using the wrong hair products can further the damage instead of repairing it. Fortunately, there is hope for getting limp locks back to gorgeous. Here’s why your hair woes started in the first place and what ingredients you need to look for now to make your strands shine once again.

Hair Woe No. 1: Dryness

Parched hair is a result of exposure to extreme heat (think 410 F flat iron), chemical treatments and the sun or wind. These offenders strip hair of its moisture and natural oils, says Vernelle Murphy, Owner of Salon V in New York.

Hair Rx: What you need to do now is return moisture to your hair with a combination of water-based products and nourishing oils. Two ingredients to look for: Panthenol, found in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, serves a moisturizer and humectant for thirsty strands. Natural oils, like argan oil, have the power to transform your hair, adding shine to dull tresses.

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Hair Woe No. 2: Breakage

The breakage breakdown: Hair that is weak due to damage caused by over-processed and even over-styled hair will split, getting worse over time. “Dry, damaged hair has a rough cuticle and tends to matte up, so when you brush through rough hair, it rips the hair, causing more breakage,” says Murphy.

Hair Rx: The key is to rebuild the hair’s structure with strengthening ingredients. Look for products with keratin, a protein that gives hair its elasticity, in your shampoo. Since breakage is often a result of dry and vulnerable strands, also use products with glycerin, a conditioning alcohol. Remember, never brush hair when it’s wet!

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Hair Woe No. 3: Frizz

That pesky layer of fuzz that often appears during humid weather is caused by overly dry hair that is trying to absorb the air’s moisture.

Hair Rx: Keep hair smooth and moisturized with such ingredients as argan oil or avocado oil. Products containing silicone ingredients, such as dimethicone, will also coat each strand, giving you a sleeker look.

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