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Healthy Hair on Vacation

The Hair Brush

Healthy Hair on Vacation
John Gray is the author of The World of Hair, A Scientific Companion.

Suddenly, you are to be whisked away for a luxurious weekend with your significant other. Then, panic begins to set in over just what you need to bring to keep your hair looking its best. The little black dress may be stunning, but your hair needs to match!

It may be tempting to sample the little hotel products containing extract of some rare and exotic plant, but our hair is a sensitive animal, so the combination of different water and untried shampoos may result in disaster. If the products are too harsh and dry, unmanageable hair will result. Too mild? Lank locks will follow.

Pack your regular shampoo, which will help you achieve the “end benefit” you desire (volume, sleekness, curl, etc.). It should be designed to perform in any temperature or hardness of water. Your conditioner is even more important, particularly if you are going to be swimming or staying out in the sun.

Styling for dinners out is essential, and the range of choices is immense. The top-rated non-aerosol sprays are always a winner. Or you might prefer a gel formulated for long-lasting control. Try a volumizing spray if you want to achieve a look to make the other guests envious. If you’re packing the blow-dryer, curling iron or straightening iron, remember to bring along products that help reduce the damage from heat.

Finally, if you enjoy a little pampering, a scalp massage will release endorphins (the happy chemicals) and make you look and feel great.

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