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7 First World Problems Only Millennials Will Understand

7 First World Problems Only Millennials Will Understand
Beatrice Strnad is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, NY. Her work has appeared in a variety of publications that cover topics such as beauty, fashion, technology and literature. She writes frequently for The Style Glossy.

The whines of the Millennial generation have been heard across the universe. If there is one thing Millennials have taught humankind, it’s how to complain about the slight inconveniences of living in the first world. Here are seven first world problems you will only understand if you were born between the early 1980s and 2000s.    

1. Not knowing whether to Tweet, Facebook, Snapchat, GChat, text or send a freaking carrier pigeon to your friend. Asking your friend what they’re doing is not as easy as it used to be. We’ve got many, many options. Sometimes it can take a whole minute to decide how to contact someone. And sometimes that decision can feel so hard we just give up. 

2. Growing up a snowflake child. Do you know what it’s like growing up being told the sun rises just to shine on you … only to find out you’re pretty much as super special as everyone else? So when we don’t get that second interview (more on that later), we are left wishing everyone in the world would be replaced with our mothers. They would have hired us on the spot.

3. Not getting a decent-paying (or any) job after college. Thanks, Internet, we get it. We’re just lazy and spoiled snowflake children, right? Sure the economy is bad, but you just got to try harder, say all the people who grew up when the economy was fine and dandy. Too bad our great-grandparents weren’t around. They’d understand our struggle #GreatDepression.

4. Being able to buy pretty much anything we want, when we want, from where we want. Who really shops in stores anymore? I mean, you can always find something cheaper online. Plus, it just shows up at your door a few days after you click a few buttons and surrender your payment information. It all happens so fast it’s almost like it didn’t even happen at all. And then you check your bank account. Whoops, definitely happened. OK, I lied earlier, because we definitely go to stores to return things we bought online because they don’t fit … or more likely because we need our money back in order to feed ourselves.

5. Running out of dry shampoo. Other (I can only imagine greasier) generations went without this miracle product for a long time. Reportedly, they sometimes would sprinkle (and not conveniently spray) talcum powder to soak up their excess hair grease. We are spoiled blessed with having dry shampoo to instantly gratify our desire for clean, silky locks. So what to do with post-I-danced-my-heart-out-on-the-dance-floor hair when you don’t have dry shampoo on hand? Or, even worse, when your dry shampoo runs out when you’ve only done half your hair? Are we actually expected to spend our precious energy, time and youth showering? Obviously we need an online store that both sells dry shampoo and does same-morning delivery.

6. Having to figure out the correct hashtag or handle. So you go to your friend’s birthday party and get your Instagram at the ready, but was it #JamesTurns21 or #LegallyJames? You can’t be the lame-o who uses the wrong hashtag. The horror. You’d rather show up to the party wearing the same dress as someone (which would at least be share-worthy, #twinsies). It seems everything has a specific hashtag or handle (often @NothingResemblingActualName) these days, and not using the right one is like singing along to the wrong song at a concert.

7. Trying to read online articles that aren’t in “Millennial Format.” You click a link to an article and you see paragraphs of varying lengths separated by nothing but space, and you’re like: You expect me to read that? Millennial Format, as it shall hence be called, is a time-saving, skim-reading-friendly way to lay out an article. It includes lists (you’re welcome, readers), gifs and super short stanzas. It’s not because we’re lazy … it’s because we’re “internet efficient.”  

There are so many first world problems that only Millennials understand. Share them with us @TheStyleGlossy #FWMP

Stop Being Sleeping Beauty and Become More Like Maleficent

Stop Being Sleeping Beauty and Become More Like Maleficent
Shelley Levitt, managing editor of The Style Glossy, is a former West Coast editor of Self and senior writer at People.

I think we can all agree that being a passive princess is not the way to achieve a rich, happy and adventure-filled life. It’s time to give Sleeping Beauty a rest, which is just what Disney has done in Maleficent. The movie instead tells the fairy tale from the perspective of the villain who cast the spell that sent Ms. Beauty into a long-term stupor. Played by Angelina Jolie, Maleficent is a reminder that action -- not slumber -- is the modern girl’s mantra.

And here, from three modern self-help books, is some advice on how to cast a spell of empowerment in your own life.

Practice Self-Love Meditation

You know how you’re always telling your best friends how amazing they are and that they deserve all the goodies in life -- a great guy, great job and great apartment? Well, it’s time to turn that love on yourself.

“You can choose to wish yourself well,” writes psychologist Barbara L. Fredrickson in Love 2.0: How Our Supreme Emotion Affects Everything We Feel, Think, Do, and Become. “You deserve this kindness as much as anybody.”

Sit in a comfortable chair, your feet flat on the floor. Take two or three deep breaths, bringing your awareness to your heart. When you’re ready, repeat to yourself the classic wishes of what’s known as loving-kindness.

May I feel safe and protected.

May I feel happy and peaceful.

May I feel healthy and strong.

May I live with ease.

Strengthen Your Stick-to-it-ness

Whether it’s quitting smoking, getting to spin class more than once a week or cutting down on chips and cookies, we all need willpower to reach our goals. In her book, The Willpower Instinct: How Self-Control Works, Why It Matters and What You Can Do to Get More of It, psychologist Kelly McGonigal says that we’ll all experience lapses in self control now and then. Instead of being ambushed by these willpower dips, prepare for them.

Ask yourself: When am I most likely to be tempted to give in? How am I most likely to let myself get distracted from my goal? What will I say to myself to give myself permission to procrastinate?

Imagine yourself in the scenario of facing a willpower failure and turn it into a willpower success by identifying specific actions you could take to stick to your resolution. These might include re-focusing on your motivation, getting yourself away from the temptation or calling a friend for support.

Make a Where/When Plan

When you wish upon a star it might make no difference who you are. But, as you’ve no doubt learned by now, wishing alone won’t make your dreams come true. What you need is what Shane J. Lopez, a Gallup scientist and author of

Making Hope Happen: Create the Future You Want for Yourself and Others,

calls a “when/where” plan. It’s simple and straightforward: Each time you set a goal, choose the day and time you will start working on it and the place where you will work. For example, if you want to clean up the thousands of email messages that have piled up in your inbox, your plan might look like this:

When: Saturday, June 14 after yoga.

Where: At Intelligentsia Coffee Bar. Bring laptop.

If you need a reminder, you can use a website like futureme.org to write yourself a note that will be delivered to your inbox on the day of your “when.” It’s a method that’s way more reliable than a crystal ball.

How to Get Your Gorgeous on in Under 5 Minutes

How to Get Your Gorgeous on in Under 5 Minutes
Shelley Levitt, managing editor of The Style Glossy, is a former West Coast editor of Self and senior writer at People.

Got an hour or two to get beautiful in the morning before you head to work? Of course you don’t! We all lead jam-packed, overbooked, running-late, forgot-to-set-the-alarm kinds of lives. And that’s not going to change anytime soon. Still, with some savvy planning and smart product choices, you can leave home looking polished and near perfect -- even when you’re slipping your shoes on as you head out the door. Here’s how to look gorgeous in under five.

Embrace Multi-Tasking Products

Drugstore shelves are loaded with genius multi-tasking products that shave minutes off your beauty routine -- without sacrificing results. My morning regimen has a lot fewer steps now that I’m using a tinted sunscreen instead of a separate sunscreen and foundation; a two-in-one shampoo-conditioner; a moisturizing body wash; and an amazing BB cream for hair that controls frizz, protects against hot tool damage, helps to soften and smooth locks and boosts shine all at once.

Do Your Sunday Prep

Every Sunday evening (OK, on some Sunday evenings), I spend an hour or so washing and chopping all the great veggies and fruit I picked up from the farmer’s market and putting them in little serving size containers. And to maximize my time, I also apply my favorite self tanner to my legs and a deep conditioning mask to my hair. From the cutting board I go straight to the shower. By the time I’ve dried off I have healthy hair that will look gorgeous all week long and bronzed skin that’s ready for leg-revealing summer dresses, skirts or shorts so I don’t need to get into a sweat when I’m deciding what to wear. I also have my fridge loaded with good-for-me salads, sliced fruit and ready-for-the-stir-fry skillet veggies, so making healthy eating choices will be even easier than ordering in pizza. Plus, I feel virtuous and de-stressed -- a definite beauty boost!

Anticipate Insane Mornings

I live in Los Angeles, so I have an earthquake kit stocked and ready. I hope I never have to use it, but I regularly call upon my other emergency kit: Stored in a clear acrylic shoe box I stash in a bathroom cabinet are all the essentials for getting ready when you have absolutely no time to get ready. I call it my “slept-late-gotta-go” beauty kit. The contents include: dry shampoo; a foolproof pot of sheer color I can apply to lips, cheeks and eyelids with my fingertips; a tinted brush-on brow gel so I don’t have to fuss with powders or pencils; a volumizing-and-lengthening mascara with a big chubby brush that will pump up my lashes with a single coat, and a body lotion with SPF 30 that has a tiny bit of shimmer to it. Use these products and you can clock out, looking fabulous, in three minutes or less.

Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?

Guest Blogger

Are You Using the Wrong Hair Products?
Lauren Fischer is a freelance writer based in New Jersey. She is a former editor at Woman’s World magazine, and has contributed to SavvyMiss.com and MakeupDealoftheDay.com. She blogs at ilovelippy.com. She writes frequently for The Style Glossy.

Dryness … breakage … frizz … the words alone can make your hair stand on end! Worse still: Using the wrong hair products can further the damage instead of repairing it. Fortunately, there is hope for getting limp locks back to gorgeous. Here’s why your hair woes started in the first place and what ingredients you need to look for now to make your strands shine once again.

Hair Woe No. 1: Dryness

Parched hair is a result of exposure to extreme heat (think 410 F flat iron), chemical treatments and the sun or wind. These offenders strip hair of its moisture and natural oils, says Vernelle Murphy, Owner of Salon V in New York.

Hair Rx: What you need to do now is return moisture to your hair with a combination of water-based products and nourishing oils. Two ingredients to look for: Panthenol, found in moisturizing shampoos and conditioners, serves a moisturizer and humectant for thirsty strands. Natural oils, like argan oil, have the power to transform your hair, adding shine to dull tresses.

SEE ALSO: 6 Tricks for Shiny Hair

Hair Woe No. 2: Breakage

The breakage breakdown: Hair that is weak due to damage caused by over-processed and even over-styled hair will split, getting worse over time. “Dry, damaged hair has a rough cuticle and tends to matte up, so when you brush through rough hair, it rips the hair, causing more breakage,” says Murphy.

Hair Rx: The key is to rebuild the hair’s structure with strengthening ingredients. Look for products with keratin, a protein that gives hair its elasticity, in your shampoo. Since breakage is often a result of dry and vulnerable strands, also use products with glycerin, a conditioning alcohol. Remember, never brush hair when it’s wet!

SEE ALSO: Tresses Misbehaving? Here’s What to Do

Hair Woe No. 3: Frizz

That pesky layer of fuzz that often appears during humid weather is caused by overly dry hair that is trying to absorb the air’s moisture.

Hair Rx: Keep hair smooth and moisturized with such ingredients as argan oil or avocado oil. Products containing silicone ingredients, such as dimethicone, will also coat each strand, giving you a sleeker look.

SEE ALSO: Argan Oil: How It Changed My Hair From Hay to “Hello, Gorgeous!”


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