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The Best Lighting for Makeup Application


The Best Lighting for Makeup Application

Makeup Mirror

The Best Lighting for Makeup Application
Tasha Reiko Brown is a celebrity makeup artist who helps get young Hollywood radiant for photo shoots and countless red carpet events, including the Oscars, Emmys and Golden Globes. She writes frequently for The Style Glossy.

Such is the life of a fashionista without good lighting: leaving the house thinking your look is fierce, only to discover outside that it’s altogether frightening. When in doubt, always believe the rearview mirror. Why? Because you’re usually looking in one during broad daylight.

Where you do your makeup makes all the difference in the world. The holy grail of makeup-approved lighting is natural daylight. It’s the reason I tell women who are testing foundation in the store to walk outside for a second look. If it appears perfect in natural light, then it is. Overly cool lighting can make you think you need more product, and lighting that’s too warm can fool you into believing your blending is great. 

Off lighting is the primary reason some of your favorite celebs hit the red carpet looking like a mess. It’s not that their makeup artist hates them; it’s that they trusted the hotel room lighting, which made the makeup look fabulous.

An inexpensive way to turn your bathroom into a makeup trailer is to get a lighted vanity mirror. Today’s versions mimic natural lighting as well as evening lighting so you can glam up a look in a hurry, 24/7. Or, for foolproof beauty, move your makeup kit near a window with sunlight. You’ll see your exact results and lose your fear of the brutally honest rearview mirror.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/rilueda

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