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Give Your Man a Style Makeover


Give Your Man a Style Makeover

Guest Blogger

Give Your Man a Style Makeover
Alison Bills is the editor in chief of SheKnows.com and its family of women-centric sites. 

Sure your man is adorable, but what guy couldn’t use a woman’s touch when it comes to his style?

Here are some simple ways to start making over your man:

Ask His Opinion
Get his opinion on guys’ outfits and manly accessories as you come across them in magazines, while window-shopping or while you’re out and about. The occasional “That would look great on you!” will do wonders to see how responsive he is to even having an opinion about man clothes. And he may even surprise you by discussing other items he’s seen.

Source the Issue
If you find your guy resisting change, there may be a deeper issue. Guys have insecurities too, so take that into account before approaching him. Is he sensitive about his weight? Does his financial situation have him in a budget pinch?

Pick Your Battles
He’ll dodge the subject if you come up with a laundry list of things he needs to change. Instead, begin by deciding what single issue is most important to you and tackling that -- say, his out-of-date acid-washed jeans or frat-boy tees.
Make over your man in just 7 days.

Encourage Him to Compare Sizes
“No matter what he is wearing, if it doesn’t fit, it will still look sloppy,” says Godfried Addae, owner and image consultant at The Urbane Gentleman in St. Louis. “Left to their own devices, men will buy clothes that are either too large or too small.” Encourage your man to try on two sizes of the same clothing item so he can compare the fit.

Make Some Wise Investments
Help your man invest in some classic, high-quality pieces. Avoid trends and stick to such versatile items as button-down collared shirts, dark jeans and a nice sports coat for professional occasions.

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/Yuri_Arcurs

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