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Do-it-yourself Sunburn Remedies


Do-it-yourself Sunburn Remedies

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Do-it-yourself Sunburn Remedies

Liberty Kontranowski is the Facebook community manager for BeautyStat.com, an unbiased resource for beauty advice and product info

It happens to the best of us: We’re madly scrambling to get out the door and forget to apply SPF 30. Or we remember to protect our arms but overlook our shoulders. Whatever the reason you find yourself with skin that’s seen too much sun, these DIY remedies will have your tender, sunburned skin feeling comfy in a flash.


When used straight from the plant, or in juice or ointment form, aloe vera is a whiz at reducing pain and inflammation while heading off unsightly peeling. If you’re a sun worshipper who never seems to learn her lesson, consider investing in an aloe plant.

Oatmeal baths

Tepid baths are a great relief when you’re feeling the heat of a burn, and adding oatmeal is particularly effective in helping to draw out heat and soothe skin. Added bonus: It’s a great natural exfoliator, so kill two beauty birds with one stone by sloughing unburned areas with the grains while you soak.

Your favorite white beverage can pull double duty as both a calcium champion and a skin-soothing superstar. Soak a washcloth in milk and apply it to the burned skin like a compress for about 20 minutes a pop. Repeat every two to four hours. Just be sure that if you’re a skim girl, you spring for some whole milk: The fat content in milk is the brains behind the beauty in this operation.

Apple cider vinegar

If you’ve overdone it to the point of blistering and peeling, apple cider vinegar may be your best bet. Apply vinegar to a cotton ball and smooth over the affected skin, or make a compress if you’re dealing with a large area.

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