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The Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil

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The Amazing Benefits of Argan Oil

From road trips to writing classes, there is one thing that’s constant in all my college memories: terrible hair days. I’m sure the arsenal of dyes and hot styling tools that I used back then -- not to mention the typical poor diet of a college student -- didn’t help. And like paying off my student loans, reviving my post-college hair seemed a very long road ahead.       

Enter argan oil, which arrived as a Thanksgiving gift in 2012 from one of my gorgeous-haired aunts whose hair type is similar to my curl-if-you-care, frizz-if-you-don’t waves. My hair suffered from damage, dryness and frizz -- issues that kept me hiding my locks in ponytails and updos. I was thrilled when argan oil proved a quick fix for these problems. A few drops activated my curls and made my hair shiny and smooth, even without the use of hot tools. All I had to do was apply the oil from my ends upward to the mid-shaft on dry or damp hair. Instantly, I had hair that not only looked healthy enough to wear down but also to show off.

As it turned out, argan oil worked on a deeper level than I imagined. My hair wasn’t merely given the appearance of being healthy -- it was actually becoming healthy. In the past, once I washed a styling product out of my hair, the benefits seemed to get washed away too. My hair would revert back to being a dull, dry mess that looked like something you’d feed to horses … you know, like hay. But with argan oil, my hair was developing a gloss, bounce and softness that I thought was long gone. Turns out, this smart serum is not just a styling product -- it’s a treatment as well. It’s no wonder Moroccan women (and men) have been using the nut-derived oil as a beauty aid for centuries, and that they sometimes refer to it as “liquid gold.” Check out my before-and-after photos to see the liquid-gold effect for yourself!



Beatrice Strnad is a writer and editor based in Brooklyn, NY. She works at lifestyle content publisher Studio One, which feeds her passion for everything health and beauty.

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