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UV Protection

Keep the Winning Spirit Alive

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UV Protection

For fun in the sunshine invest in a daily facial moisturizer that has been specially designed to give your skin everything it needs most to look noticeably radiant. The Essentials Complete Care Mutli Radiance Moisturizing Cream with 24 hours moisturisation for long lasting hydration, SPF15 and a skin pampering formula with vitamins B3 & E and Pro-Vitamin B5 will leave skin look and feeling gorgeous on or off the volleyball court.

The formula contains natural light reflecting particles and mandarin extract which will help revitalize your skin's appearance and give you a more radiant look. And remember, beautiful skin starts with the right facial cleanser. Use Olay Essentials Facial Cleansers for a fresh start to your skincare routine.

Beach Beautiful
If there’s one thing you wear on court, it’s has to be Max Factor Masterpiece Waterproof Mascara, which combines the superb award winning technology of the iFX volume and defining brush with a long lasting waterproof formula. The heat, abrasion and water resistant polymers resist smudging and smearing, making it the ultimate beauty tool for sports enthusiasts that can’t bear to go bare.
Even on the court there’s no excuse for chipped or flaked nail color thanks to Max Factor Nailfinity. Unlike other long lasting polishes, it clings to your nails giving a lustrous, freshly applied look day after day, no matter what life throws at you. Work, shop, party or hit the volleyball court with the confidence your nail color can stand up to the challenge.
Perfect Pins
Volleyball attire means there’s lots of skin on show. Make sure your pins aren’t fuzzy with the help from P&G’s high-performing hair-removal beauty tools; the Braun Silk-épil epilator (RRP £139.99), engineered to remove hairs even as small as a grain of sand for long lasting smooth skin and the Venus ProSkin five-blade razor (RRP £9.99) with an extra-rich protective ribbon of moisture, which lubricates and protects the skin whilst providing a close shave with less feel of irritation.
Healthy Hair
Even if we’re not out all hours training and competing, being aware of UV is not just something we need to think about when we’re sitting on the beach, or sipping a cocktail by the pool. Thankfully there are other options than simply staying indoors or wearing a sun-hat: products like Wella SP Sun After Sun Fluid have been specially designed to provide hair with all over protection from the visible and invisible effects of UV radiation.

When the heat rises on court fight frizz with Pantene Pro-V 24H. Frizz Fighter for satin-like smoothness that lasts all day long. The rich frizz-fighting creamy formula with micro-smoothers protects your hair against humidity to help keep frizz from forming. It works with your hair to silken each hair strand for satin-like smoothness all day long.

P&G brands touch and improve the lives of mothers and their children day in and out around the globe, whether it is by making babies’ nights drier and more comfortable, a teenager’s kiss more confident, a job situation more relaxed or graying hair less daunting.

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