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P&G Salon How To: Podium Perfect Facial

Keep the Winning Spirit Alive

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P&G Salon How To: Podium Perfect Facial

Use these techniques with either your favorite Olay moisturizer. You could consider, also asking your favorite guy or girl to do it for you!

During Games Time, the Olympians particularly appreciated the Olay 3 Point Micro Sculpting Cream.

Step One
Cleanse skin with Olay toner.

Step Two
Apply moisturizer over whole face using fingertips in a light tapping motion.

Step Three
Massage gently using light upward motions and the palms of the hands.

Step Four
Sit back, relax and enjoy!

P&G brands touch and improve the lives of mothers and their children day in and out around the globe, whether it is by making babies’ nights drier and more comfortable, a teenager’s kiss more confident, a job situation more relaxed or graying hair less daunting.

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