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Mature Makeup Makeovers!


Mature Makeup Makeovers!

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Mature Makeup Makeovers!
Celebrity makeup artist Tasha Reiko Brown helps get celebrities radiant for photo shoots and countless red carpet events.

The questions women ask me most often aren’t the trend-of-the-season kind. They’re the corrective kind related to skin issues. As time marches on, so should the contents of our makeup bag. Textures and tones need to be reconsidered in order to keep up a flattering look for our ever-changing face.

Primers are mature skin’s best friend. They fill in fine lines, brighten skin and diffuse small imperfections. A lid primer can hold shadow on loose lids and fight

oils that build up in the folds of crepey lids. I recommend both a foundation primer and a lid primer as great skin prep.

Mature skin tends to be drier and appears less vibrant. Get that youthful glow back with a luminizer. Whether you choose a powder or liquid, a luminizer placed on the cheekbones, bridge of nose and temples adds a glow that looks natural and fresh.

While shimmer looks great on the skin, it can be very unflattering on a mature eye, drawing attention to crepey lids. Opt instead for sheen in the inner corners of the eyes and a satin or matte shade on the lids.

The lip area also shows signs of age, with the corners sagging a bit due to loss of volume and environmental factors (sun exposure and -- the worst culprit of all -- smoking), creating fine lines that can make stay-put lip color a challenge. To counter this, lightly brush a translucent powder over and just around your lips to fill in any lines. Then apply a lip liner in a shade that matches your lipstick. The wax in the pencil forms a border that will help keep your lipstick from sliding out of bounds.

The important thing about a mature makeup makeover is to stay fresh! Give the latest trends a try -- just be mindful of the textures and prep that your skin needs to look its loveliest.

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