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  • Hairstyle Classics: How to Keep That Do From Looking Dated

    The shag, the bob, the pixie, long and sleek -- here's expert advice on tweaking these timeless styles for today.

  • Weatherproof Beauty

    Look your best in rain, snow, heat and even hurricanes with these tips from The Weather Channel's Stephanie Abrams.

  • Shampoo Secrets

    How you're lathering up may be the cause of your good -- or bad -- hair days. Wash beauty right into your hair with these steps.

  • Makeup Tips for Winter’s Bold New Face

    Surrender the bronzer, the glitter and the shimmer! This season, skin is matte with pops of bright candy color. Here’s how to pull off winter brights beautifully.

  • 5 Habits of Women With Gorgeous Shiny Hair

    From choosing the right products to being savvy about how they use hot tools, women with gleaming tresses swear by these rituals day in and day out.

  • Get Beautiful in Your Sleep

    Beauty routines don't have to take a lot of time or effort. In fact, you can give your hair and skin a gorgeous boost while you're sleeping.

  • Beauty Essential: Concealer

    Used correctly, concealer can mask under-eye circles better than sunglasses can. We’ll share everything from picking the right color to the hair tone that can also help hide tired eyes.

  • Four Ways to Fake Great Legs

    If you're like most women, you need about three months at the gym and two weeks at the pool before your legs are ready for public display. Speed up those results with self-tanners, a strategic choice of fashion, and effective exercises.

  • Secrets to Flawless Foundation

    From choosing the right shade and formula to expert application tricks, here’s how to cover your bases for foundation perfection.

  • Brushes: The Secret to Flawless Makeup

    The eight essential makeup brushes every woman needs.

  • Summer Hair Protection

    Want to keep your hair gorgeous all season long? Here’s everything you need to know from top hair experts.

  • The Beauty Rules of Order

    If you’ve invested in all the get-gorgeous products, such as serums, sunscreen, foundation and concealer, here’s how to layer them to get an all-over glow.

  • Know Your Hair Type: The Secret to Healthy Hair!

    Fine or thick? Frizz-prone or apt to flop? Knowing what type of hair you have is key to picking the products that are right for you. The payoff? Beautiful hair that stays polished longer.

  • Summer Beauty Makeover

    Forget what you’ve done in summers past. This season, makeup and hair are getting an update. Here are five simple steps to your new look.

  • Custom-blended Perfume Scents

    Want to create a perfume of your very own? Here’s a simple step-by-step guide.

  • From Damaged Hair to Dazzling Hair

    Do you have over-processed, frizzy and damaged hair? Nurse it back to gorgeous health in six simple steps.

  • Pluck Your Brows Like a Pro

    Well-shaped eyebrows make your eyes look bigger and brighter, add lift to dropping lids, even give your hair color more zing! Here's a do-it-yourself guide.

  • Your Beauty Toolbox

    The difference between a long-lasting polished look and one that quits midday? It's all about the brushes you use.

  • 7 Simple Ways to Go Green in Your Beauty Routine

    From multitasking products to water-conserving ways to shower and de-stress, here’s how to make your beauty regimen planet-friendly.

  • Gorgeous Hair: Getting the Most From Conditioners

    Choosing the right conditioning products for your type of hair will keep it salon-lustrous. But how do you know which product is right for you?

  • The Spring Beauty Diet

    In the mood to get even more gorgeous this spring? Add these fruits and veggies to your plate and watch your appearance benefit.

  • Health, Beauty and Earth Benefits of Vegetables

    Giving up meat once a week isn’t just good for your health -- and your looks -- it’s good for the planet too. Just ask Gwyneth Paltrow.

  • Best Indoor Winter Workouts

    Try these new fitness classes and at-home workouts, and keep your new year’s resolution to get in shape.

  • Secrets to Getting Gorgeous Hair

    Styling cream, gel, pomade, paste, mousse, wax, serum -- oh, my! Stylists decode 10 top products and explain which will help you get to-die-for hair.

  • Top 7 Beauty Resolutions

    Make 2012 a gorgeous year with these small tweaks to your skin- and hair-care regimens.

  • Beauty Below the Chin

    If you think your face should hog all the skin care glory, think again. Here's how to get all-over gorgeous!

  • Hair, Makeup and Nail Trends for 2012

    The updo gets a decorative swatch of color, lipstick loses its sheen, and manicures go topsy-turvy. Here’s how to get a jump on next year’s freshest looks.

  • Keep Your Long Hair Healthy and Beautiful

    You've patiently grown your hair long -- an enviable feat. We've got the secrets on maintaining luster and tip-top condition.

  • Beauty Breakthroughs for the Environment

    From new plant-based shampoo bottles that actually create energy to a crafty way to reuse empty lipstick tubes, here are five tips to keep both you and our planet beautiful.

  • Beauty and the Feast: How to get Gorgeous, Smooth Skin from your Diet

    When it comes to getting smooth skin, what you put into your body is even more important than what you slather on it.

  • Beauty SOS

    Last-minute zits, blotches and frizzies happen to everyone -- even A-list stars. Celebrity makeup artists and hair pros share the secrets to keeping their clients red-carpet ready.

  • Blow-dry Your Hair Like a Pro

    Want to emulate that perfect blowout your stylist did yesterday? The secret to salon-perfect hair is in your hands.

  • Tame It!

    Tresses misbehaving? Show your hair who's boss with these tips from celebrity stylists.

  • Your New Do

    If you've just transformed your usual hairstyle, why not go for an all-around fabulous look? It's time for a makeup update.

  • Choosing a New Summer Fragrance

    As temperatures soar, why not swap your amber-laden, heavy floral perfume for one that's lighter and fresher? Here's how to sniff out the best scents of the season.

  • Hair Care Products: Do You Need His-and-hers?

    Sharing hair products and styling tools with your man seems like the smart thing to do: an eco-friendly, economical and clear-the-bathroom-clutter choice. But is it? Here’s what you need to know about partner hair care.

  • Simple Ways to Touch up Hair and Makeup

    From getting rid of a shiny T-zone to going straight from the office to a glamorous night on the town, there’s a method to touching up your hair and makeup. Here’s where to start.

  • Makeup Bag Makeover

    What’s hiding in your makeup bag may actually be hurting -- not helping -- your beauty routine. Like yogurt and eggs, cosmetics have a “best by” date. Here’s when to toss everything from mascara to bronzer.

  • Instant Hair and Makeup Makeover

    Tiny tweaks in your hair and makeup regimen can give you a whole new look. Here are six no-drama, no-commitment steps that pack a huge beauty payoff.

  • The Top 7 Multitasking Beauty Products

    Want to save time, space, money … and the planet? These seven highly versatile beauty products will help you multitask.

  • Avoid Bad Hair Days This Winter

    Winter hair woes can leave a woman in a sweat, even when the mercury is in the single digits. Here are solutions on avoiding hat hair, static-induced frizz, moisture-starved tresses and other cold-weather challenges.

  • Skin Care Smarts

    It’s time to take a fresh look at your morning and evening skin-care regimens. Here are five surprising ways to perfect your complexion.

  • How to Tame Your Textured Hair

    Curly, wavy, frizzy and otherwise texture-challenged hair is finally getting the attention and products that it deserves.

  • The 411 on Facials

    Reality check: You won’t get a face-lift from a facial, but it will certainly boost your mood and leave you closer to the smooth, glowing skin we all want.

  • Your Man’s Grooming

    Want to help your mate step up his shaving and hair routines … without wrecking your romance?

  • Post-Summer Skin and Hair Rehab

    If your skin is looking lackluster and your hair has lost its shine, you could be suffering from the end-of-summer beauty blues. Here’s your repair guide.

  • DIY Pretty Feet

    Put your best foot forward in summer’s open-toed sandals with these do-it-yourself tips and the six essentials of a professional pedicure.

  • Extreme Hair Makeover: Are You Ready for It?

    Before going from blonde to brunette, or from waist-long hair to pixie short, read this advice from the pros.

  • At-home Hair Color

    Here’s to-dye-for advice from the pros on how to achieve head-turning, salonlike color at home.

  • The Most Gorgeous Hair in Sports

    On and off the court, the women of tennis keep their hair long, beautiful and healthy.

  • Report From Fashion Week: New Hair Trends

    Hair was the ultimate accessory on the fall fashion runways. Here are the new hair trends you need this season, plus tips on how to change your own do for a truly stylish head-to-toe look.

  • Make Your Own Spa This Valentine's Day

    The most romantic way to celebrate the holiday of love is also the least expensive: Stay home and indulge in a feast of touch, taste and scent.



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