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Blond highlights? Selectively shampoo your hair. Apply shampoo only on the roots, not on the shaft, to avoid drying out already fragile hair. More Tips >

Dressing Room

Shop for Your Best Little Black Dress

Shop for Your Best Little Black Dress

Find the perfect all-time LBD for every occasion, whatever your body type. More

Secrets of Celebrity Hair

Secrets of Celebrity Hair

How do celebrities keep their hair looking shiny, smooth and gorgeous? We asked top experts for their secrets. More

The Perfect Jeans Wardrobe

The Perfect Jeans Wardrobe

You’ve got drawers full of denim, but not all of it is wearable. Here’s pro advice on what to keep, tweak, toss and buy. More

Get a Wardrobe Makeover

Get a Wardrobe Makeover

Time to whip out dainty prints and happy colors. And while you're at it, overhaul the contents of your closet and make room for new favorites. More

Battle of the Beauties

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Sophia Bush or Mandy Moore

A metallic and black standout piece can transform a neutral outfit into the perfect special occasion ensemble. Sophia wears a tailored blazer while Mandy sports a slouchy cardigan. Who wore it better?



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Kate Hudson

Kate Hudson’s casual updo works with everything from jeans to sequins.

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Meditation will help reduce your sensitivity to pain if you sit in the lotus position for _________ every day for three days.


How do you feel about your hair?

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