5 Grammys Looks You’ll Want to Wear All Year

If the Grammys are the last place you usually look for everyday beauty inspiration, we don’t blame you. Goth, punk or too-sexy-for-your-shoes, the styles are usually over the top and look like they belong in a racy music video instead of our everyday lives. But this year, the Grammys held plenty of surprises -- and we’re not just talking about Pink flying through the air. The looks were softer, more approachable and a lot more down to earth. To paraphrase a typical warning: Do try these at home!

1. Taylor Swift’s glam pony

Sexy, elegant and timeless, Taylor rocked one of the Grammy’s best looks. There’s a lot to learn here, starting with the proof that you can do high-glamour hair and keep it soft. Taylor’s side-swept bangs and bouncy ponytail have an effortless polish. Her pink pout is girly and sweet, her smoky silver eye makeup all grown up. Love the flicker of silver on the inner corners of her eyes? For an everyday look, skip the liner and just dab on a glimmer of metallic to brighten and open up the eye.

2. Miley Cyrus’s new-found sweetness

The twerking controversy behind her and her platinum pixie a bit grown out, Miley was the picture of cotton-candy sweetness at a pre-Grammy party. Her lilac faux fur coat was complemented beautifully by baby-pink cheeks and lips.

3. Ciara’s unreal bob

Mom-to-be Ciara won raves from beauty watchers for her faux bob. To recreate this perfectly imperfect hairdo, pin 2-inch sections of the bottom half of your hair against your scalp. Then let longer pieces hang loose in the front, back and sides. Spritz with a finishing hairspray.

4. Rita Ora’s Old Hollywood charm

The British singer is always a red-carpet sensation, and she didn’t disappoint at the Grammys, channeling an updated version of Marilyn Monroe. Rita’s glamorous style was a mix of naughty and nice -- a touch of re-growth to her super-blonde locks, beautifully groomed full eyebrows, lots of lashes and a bubble-gum pink mouth. 

5. Kacey Musgraves’ shiny locks

The young country music star walked away with two Grammy awards. We’d give her a third -- for shiniest, healthiest hair! At an after party, Kacey’s hair was loose, simple and dazzling. The key to gleaming locks like these is regular conditioning and trims, plus application of a high-beam styling product like an argan oil serum.