Get Lightweight, Shiny Hair Today

What is the most requested hairstyle this season? Underdone hair that’s swingy, shiny and effortlessly stylish. “The mood for autumn/winter is definitely focussed on natural, healthy-looking hair,” says Ken Picton of Ken Picton Salon in Cardiff. The look can be somewhat contrived by the cut, he says. “Model Freja Beha Erichsen has the perfect autumn look with her soft layers that enhance movement without spoiling the structure of the hair.”

Unless you’re one of the lucky few born with thick, gleaming, beautifully wavy hair a la Cheryl Cole or Kelly Brook, getting celeb-worthy locks takes a bit of effort and some savvy grooming.

Colour Me Beautiful
Say goodbye to raccoon-style stripes, two-tone hair and hyper-real crazy colour; this season is all about natural shades that are rich, warm and healthy-looking. If you’re blonde, go for warm shades with subtle ash blonde splices. Brunettes will look fab with chocolate tones spiced up with a hint of autumnal red -- but only a hint! If you’re looking for the latest in hip hair colour, Toni & Guy’s interlacing technique is a new-season hit. The colourist plaits your hair then paints, freehand, a gleaming colour that is a shade or two lighter than your actual hair colour, which adds depth and movement to your style.

Texture Talk
Shiny hair is always in, but if you’ve been heavy-handed on the tongs or straighteners, you may have caused damage and lost your gleam. Thankfully, there are loads of great shine sprays on the market, all of which add gloss to dull locks. Some products even offer heat protection. Shine-enhancing shampoos and conditioners will help, too.  

Product Placement
“It’s important to create the effect of effortless tresses,” says Darren Bain, HOB Salons’ Creative Team member and 2009 London Hairdresser of the Year. “Whether you’re going for the dishevelled knot or ponytail, or a relaxed mid-length shoulder skimmer with raw texture, it’s vital to be minimal with products and styling to ensure a natural-looking hold.”

Use a small amount of lightweight mousse, evenly distributed through the hair, for hold and bounce. Let hair dry naturally or gently use your fingers with a diffused heat for a natural look. For boho waves, use a large-barrelled curling wand on the mid-lengths or hot rollers. “Products are imperative for giving a more rustic, raw finish,” says Bain.

Start From the Inside Out
Remember, a healthy body equals healthy hair. Here are our top tips:

1. Strike a balance: “The root, or hair follicle, is the incubator of hair growth and is nourished by our blood supply,” says celebrity hairdresser and author of Shiny Happy Hair, Andrew Barton. Your hair, like your body, needs good food and exercise to grow and stay healthy. Eat foods rich in vitamins A, B, C and E, such as citrus fruits, leafy green vegetables (beta-carotene is essential for hair health: go for green, orange and yellow veg), eggs, lentils (a good source of biotin, which helps promote hair growth) and coconut.

2. Eat good fats: “Yes, there is such a thing as good fat -- and it’s what keeps your skin and hair looking healthy. Omega oils are bursting with essential fatty acids, which are great hair boosters. A diet rich in oily fish is a great way to get protein and omega-3 and 6.

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