December Style: 4 Looks From Around the Web

Fashion bloggers have made it even more fun to peruse the Web looking for new ways to pair pieces together from season to season. These four stylishly chic social media personalities show how to do December street style from their own fashionable perspective.

The Look: Plaid in the City   

The Blogger: Lisa Moore, Mona Lisa Marie

“Spending a beautiful Sunday with friends calls for a casual but warm outfit including a plaid scarf that I can’t stop wearing. I’m mad for plaid this season.”

The Look: Holiday Alternative

The Blogger: Jenny Cao-Wu, Cao Bella

“I thought I would show an alternative take on holiday style, featuring track pants and a vintage, sheer kimono top.  I think it’s good to know what else you can wear to holiday events other than dresses because unless you have an unlimited budget, it’s hard to have enough clothes to last all season if you don’t want to recycle the same looks over and over.”

The Look: Knits & Leather

The Blogger: Lillian Babaian, Studs & Sapphires

“Life is too deep for words, so don't try to describe it -- just live it. That’s how I feel when I’m wearing this look with a touch of warmth from my sweater and scarf to a little edge with my leather skirt.”

The Look: Classic Trench Chic

The Blogger: Maria Von Losch, Savvynista

“Two staple investment pieces every woman should own is a great pair of fitted black pants in a heavier fabric so they’ll last and a khaki trench coat. For fun, I added a pop of burgundy/crimson/maroon/wine/bordeaux ... whatever you want to call it, this is a must-have color in your wardrobe for fall and winter.”