9 Fall Style Picks to Spice Up Your Outfits

It’s always hard to say good-bye to summer. But a new season brings with it a chance to reinvent your wardrobe. This fall, fashion is taking a turn toward the playful. Forget outfits of solid black. Instead, embrace color, prints, patterns and texture. Here, fall fashion picks from four of our favorite fashionistas. 

1. Dark Florals

Photo courtesy of Bianca Kofman

“Florals are a summer staple, but this fall you're able to rock your favorite pattern into the colder months with darker blends.” -- Bianca Kofman, Just Ask B

2. Wide-Leg Pants

Photo courtesy of Erin Micklow

“While I’m a huge fan of skinny jeans, sometimes it’s nice to mix it up. Wide-leg pants are an easy way to switch up your look. When wearing a wide-leg pant, be sure to keep your tops and jackets fitted and tight. The classic rule definitely applies here: When doing one end big, do the other end small to balance out your outfit.” -- Erin Micklow, stylist 

3. Houndstooth Prints

Photo courtesy of Erin Micklow

“Houndstooth is a classic print that never seems to go out of style. A touch of houndstooth added to your fall ensemble will really make you stand out in a crowd. Très chic!” -- Erin Micklow, stylist

4. Mixed Textures

Photo courtesy of Lori Hirons

“For me, fall is all about textures. Not just what you feel, but what you see. I love the geometric patterns that are a continuation of the color blocking, taking it to the next level. I also see some great looks continuing to mix non-traditional fabrics -- chiffon with wool, silk with denim. These pairings are perfect for transition weather. Another great coupling: leather or suede with anything!” -- Lori Hirons, Contessa's Crushes

5. Anything in Burgundy

Photo via The Frye Company

“A color I'm obsessed with is burgundy! I'm especially loving what the Frye company is doing with the color in their gorgeous boots!” -- Ali Levine, Hollywood stylist

6. Ankle Boots

Photo courtesy of Bianca Kofman

“Ankle boots, or booties as I like to call them, are a perfect transition shoe from warmer to colder months. They pair well with any outfit, from skirts to skinny jeans, and you can find them in any style, pattern and color!” -- Bianca Kofman, Just Ask B

7. Clutch Bags

Photo courtesy of Erin Micklow

“Who says fall has to be all about dark, dreary colors? Make your darks pop with a colorful clutch bag! They’re super chic, and uber fashionable for any occasion. So, if you can get through your day without some of the junk from your giant tote bags, lighten your load with a wild clutch!” -- Erin Micklow, stylist 

8. Wedge Sneakers

Photo courtesy of Erin Micklow

“Give yourself a lift for the illusion of longer legs while staying casual this fall with a pair of wedge sneakers. These fun and funky shoes will keep you comfortable and in style while you motor around the city.” -- Erin Micklow, stylist

9. Half Gloves

Photo courtesy of Erin Micklow

“Half gloves are one of my favorite accessories. They’re great for fall because they’ll keep your fingertips warm on a brisk autumn evening, while spicing up your outfit. You can find them in a rainbow of colors and in synthetic or genuine leather.” -- Erin Micklow, stylist