Fashions for the Changing Seasons

Rebecca Taylor knows plenty about the seasons. As the designer behind her eponymous label, she’s in charge of churning out nine different collections each calendar year, all timed to what the weather’s doing. To do so, she works months -- sometimes years -- ahead to determine what will be de rigueur by the time her feminine, whimsical designs hit stores in 70 countries.

In New York, where Taylor has lived and worked for almost 20 years, the Kiwi designer is about to debut her spring 2011 collection. It’s “inspired by the Charlie girl from the ’70s,” she says. “My favourite pieces are a scarlet dot chiffon skirt and a nude leather jacket with scalloping.”

Taylor admits that dressing as the weather changes can be tricky, but she’s now used to it after living so long in a city with four very distinct seasons. Here are her tips on how to dress as we see out summer and welcome in autumn.


Leave the house dressed in things you can take off or add, depending on the temperature. “I love layers of silk and cashmere,” says Taylor. “We always have whisper-weight cashmere pieces that are great for layering. And this year for spring, we made a really feminine version of a trench. It’s the perfect in-between-seasons jacket.”

Relish the Change

It’s not easy to forfeit jandals for jerseys, but Taylor says it helps to pull out old faves you haven’t seen since last winter. “It’s always a little sad to say goodbye to my tiered Liberty skirt,” she confesses. “But it’s nice to say hello to my favourite Citizens of Humanity jeans. And I always look forward to wearing tights again. I’ve never been a big fan of nude legs -- mine in particular -- so it’s always a relief when I can crawl back into my Wolford silk cashmere tights.

Splash out on Classics

If you shop the trends, Taylor says, you’ll be stuck with clothes that only get worn for a few months, so instead shop for classic pieces that won’t date. “Spend more on quality, such as a well-made coat. You are going to wear it every day, so it’s important that it’s smart,” explains Taylor.


Brighten up wardrobe staples with new accessories -- shoes, scarves, hats -- and makeup. “I am a big fan of new lip and nail colours each season,” Taylor admits. “I switched to bright pink and fuchsia for autumn this year because it really lifted my camel coat.”

Get out of the House

Just because the temperature’s dropping, it doesn’t mean you should stay in. Get out and make the most of your environs, Taylor says. Now, you can do so in style!