Surviving the April Hairpocalypse

Hair beware: The April “Hairpocalypse” is upon us. While you might spend ages getting your hair just right, April could care less. April laughs in the face of styling tools, blowouts and bangs. There’s nothing the month loves more than sneaking under your hair-shielding umbrella to add a bout of frizz to your look. But enough is enough, ladies. While we can’t control the weather, we can take the proper measures to ensure that hair doom is not imminent. With these tips, we shall survive.

Survival Tip No. 1: Go Natural

Put down the hair straightener. I repeat, put down the hair straightener. The Hairpocalypse is no time for heat-styling tools. Take a shower and let your hair air dry. Whatever you’re left with is what you’re going to be working with this month. It’s time to embrace whatever curl or wave you’ve been styling away from the world. Trust me, it’s beautiful, and with the right products and styles, you won’t miss the heat.

Survival Tip No. 2: Know Your Hairpocalypse Allies

  • Oil, wax, pomade: These are our best defense against the onslaught of H2O. Wax and pomade are especially great for short hair and will help avoid the hair-plastered-to-your-face or mad-scientist frizz looks. For my long, bottom-curling hair, my favorite weapon is oil -- argan oil to be exact. It’s light enough to not make me greasy, and will lock my curls down and fend off frizz.

  • Moisture: But wait, isn’t all the moisture in the air causing the problems? Think again. Frizz thrives in dry, damaged and heat-treated hair. You don’t want there to be any room on your “moisture bus” for April’s contribution, so make sure your hair isn’t thirsty by boosting your deep-conditioning game. And for all my curly- and wavy-haired pals, get on board with cleansing conditioners. They won’t strip all the natural oils (aka your protective shield) that are made specifically by your body for your hair.

Survival Tip No. 3: Try Hairpocalyse-Friendly Hairstyles

When I said “go natural” I didn’t mean you’d have to wear your hair like it’s Woodstock all over again. Here are some cute, trendy ’dos that will stand up to rain, humidity and wind.

  • Top Bun: A bun is both compact and easy to keep covered. This is also an easy fix for when your hair gets testy during these hard times.

  • Fishtail Braids: Because fishtail braids will look great even if April messes them about. #winning

  • Half Up and Back: Natural (even poufy or unkempt) hair looks so medieval princess when you tuck or tie half up and back. Bonus points if you add a braid a la Game of Thrones. Plus, this look is rain-tested (see: the rain scene in The Notebook).

  • Messy Pony: Nice try, April: It’s supposed to be messy. #stillwinning

  • Headbands and Scarves: They’ll smooth back the hair around your crown, making you appear instantly well-kempt. These are especially great for short hair during the Hairpocalypse.