Morph Yourself Into a Star

Stars constantly reinvent themselves without losing their signature styles. Some say that Madonna’s career is built on her ability to remake herself in new and shocking ways. Now, pop sensation Lady Gaga seems to be following Madonna’s footsteps by shamelessly borrowing from past music legends, with new incarnations that delight her fans. Here are celebrity secrets to help you start your own start style.

Classic Style

When Angelina Jolie appears on the red carpet, she is always a picture of elegance. Angelina she has striking features, her makeup is always perfect regardless of what trend she is wearing. She has tried them all -- smoky eyes, red and nude lips -- but she always stays true to her classically elegant style.

If, like Angelina Jolie, you have classic features, you may do well to adopt her penchant for classic chignons for elegant occasions. For everyday, her simpler chignons and smooth long locks may suit you. For evening, she often wears liner and a soft neutral shadow with a sensual a red lip; a look that was very popular on designer runways this fall. For less formal occasions, Jolie is often wearing natural make up and subtle glossed lips.

For fashion, Angelina prefers gowns that show off her stunning figure with long unbroken lines. She often picks gowns with a slim line in black or flattering neutrals, which act as a setting for her beauty.

Sexy Style

Find a star whose body type resembles yours. Very slim women may want to study the styles on Megan Fox or Jennifer Aniston. Megan Fox likes a sexy look with slim jeans during the day and short, sexy cocktail looks at night. Aniston goes for a sexier casual look for daytime, but also wears a short, fitted look at night.


Retro Style

Many designers look to stars of yesterday for inspiration. There is no reason you shouldn’t do the same.

Gracey Kelly’s clean-cut classic influence was seen in many fall collections. To channel the American film star of the 1950s, think impeccable skin, red lips and flawlessly applied eye liner. Grace Kelly’s hair is smooth, styled into a flipped bob or classic French twist. If you love the Kelly look, add carefully edited accessories to your wardrobe, such as a “Kelly” bag, beautiful leather gloves, a strand of pearls and even retro eye glasses.

Brigitte Bardot’s look can been seen in the bouffant hair, heavily-lined eyes, and pouting nude lips that accented so many fall collations. The appeal of this French film star’s look is timeless. The season’s new belted sweaters worn over skirts and pants -- with a sexy kitten heel sling-back or boot -- just screams Bardot!

Unique Style

To develop your own original style, look to French actresses Audrey Tautou or Marion Cotillard, who both have a love of fashion and a uniquely personal style. Audrey Tautou is more bohemian with a quirky appeal, while Marion Cotillard is Parisian chic with beautiful couture ensembles.

Sienna Miller, a true fashionista, also has knack for spotting trends. Sienna dresses her cute curvy figure with a funky style that is easy to emulate on all budgets. Her originality lets her stand out in any crowd.

The point is not to become a carbon copy of your favourite celebrity, but to distill their styles. Figure out what elements of their styles appeal to you, and then make them your own.