What’s Poppin’? 3 Flash Retail Spots to Hit Up in NYC This Month

I used to think “For Lease” signs were simply placards for stores that were moving on. Then one day, I was walking by a storefront up for lease that wasn’t empty. I peeked through the windows, no longer concealed by large white sheets, and saw rows of miniature cupcakes for sale. The “For Lease” sign still hung there, but it might as well have read “Temporarily Cupcakes.”

You never really know when they’re going to “pop,” but temporary retail, also known as pop-up shops, are trendy and fun. From a giant shoebox selling Adidas to Etsy’s first in-person retail space, pop-up shops infuse shopping with excitement (not that we needed something new to motivate us to shop!). But spontaneity and lack of longevity also means they can be easily missed. So I reached out to the people at Storefront, the world's largest marketplace that connects brands, designers and artists with the best retail spaces, and they gave me some before-they-pop tips about a trio of exciting pop-ups coming to New York City this month.

1. Knight Couverture Chocolat (Feb. 10-16)

Via: Knight Chocolat

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Knight Couverture Chocolat takes luxury chocolate to the next level with edible gold. Yes, you read that right. Decadent dark and white truffles flaked or wrapped with 23-karat gold you can eat. And if you’re not into eating your metals, they have more traditional truffles filled with chocolate, pecan, coconut and more.

Find it at: 501 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

2. Smart Glamour (Feb. 22)

Via: SmartGlamour

SmartGlamour is all about combining beauty and brains. Their clothes support body-positivity and although this is the brand and designer Mallorie Carrington’s first collection, she is taking an industry stand by working with models that range size two to twenty-two and are of varying heights. You can look forward to smart, sexy clothing that loves your body the way it is.

Find it at: 137 West 14th Street Unit A, Manhattan

3. Pop Co-Op (Feb. 28 - March 2)

Via: Storefront

Why settle for one designer when you can have 15? Open Gallery Space is hosting its first pop-up cooperative. You’ll be able to try on clothes from 15 different collections all in the same fitting room! Even better: The event is the first of many bimonthly pop-up cooperatives.

Find it at: 355A Bowery, Manhattan

Find a pop-up shop near you! While the flash retail trend is thriving in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, pop-up shops are cropping up everywhere. To find one near you, search Twitter with the hashtag #popup or Google your city name and “pop up.” Of course, there is always the chance you’ll just be out walking and happen upon one. Don’t believe me? These delicious Baked by Melissa cupcakes I’m munching on right now say otherwise. Happy hunting!


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