Oscar'larda Saç Alarmı: Kısa Modası!

Bu yıl Oscar’larda, elbiseler her zaman olduğu gibi uzundu. Ancak kısa kuşkusuz çok modaydı. Saçlardan söz ediyoruz tabi ki. Esas kırmızı halı etkinliğindeki en şık saç modellerinin bir kısmı kırpık, kesik ve zar zor kulak hizasına erişmiş durumdaydı – göz alıcı ve büyüleyici görünmenin her boyda mümkün olduğunun kanıtı. 

Charlize Theron


Çarpıcı derin dekoltesi ve bu dekolteden sarkan 31 karatlık Harry Winston elmasları bulunan nefes kesici bir Dior elbise giymiş olan sarışın güzel, herkesin en iyi giyinenler listesinde yer aldı. Ancak bizim başımızı döndüren kısa saç modeliydi. Charlize’in, kısacık saçlarından bu yana uzayan, çok modern bir şekilde yandan ayrılmış olan modeli şık ve seksiydi. Kuşkusuz mükemmel.

Anne Hathaway


Anne Hathaway, En İyi Yardımcı Oyuncu Oscar’ını Jared Leto’ya takdim ettiğinde ikili, çarpıcı bir çift oldu. Hathaway’in saçları erkeksi bir şekilde kısayken, Leto’nun saçları omuzlarından döküldü. Fakat Anne, kaslı kollarını ve omuzlarını ve gecenin en muhteşem kavisli kaşlarını sergilerken her santimetresiyle tam bir hanımefendiydi. (Çok kısa saçlarda kaş bakımı bir zorunluluk.)

Lupita Nyong’o


Lupita Nyong’o, En İyi Yardımcı Kadın Oyuncu Oscar’ının yanı sıra, en iyi saç aksesuarı ödülünü de hak ediyor. Işıltılı elmas ve altın saç bandı, ünlülerin mücevher tasarımcısı Fred Leighton tarafından tasarlandı. Bu görünümü yeniden yaratmak için internette “ışıltılı saç bandı” yazarak arama yaptığınızda çok sayıda alışveriş sitesinde bu pırıl pırıl aksesuarı ucuza bulacaksınız. Ya da biraz daha fazla ödemeyi göze alarak Etsy’den orkide, gül kurusu, turkuaz, bordo ve siyah gibi renklerde el yapımı versiyonlarını satın alabilirsiniz.

Jennifer Lawrence


Oscar yarışmacısı bu yıl altın heykeli kazanamasa da kısacık saçlarının geriye doğru taranmış ve hacim verilmiş son haliyle kendine hayran bıraktı. Söylentilere göre 3 milyon Dolar değerinde Neil Lane mücevherler takmıştı. Ama biz görünümün en önemli kısmının ekstra hacim veren sprey jel olduğunu düşünüyoruz.

Portia de Rossi


Düello yapan saç modelleriyle karşı karşıyayız. Tıpkı Jennifer Lawrence gibi Portia da sarı saçlarını geriye doğru taranmış ve kabartılmış olarak şekillendirdi. Hangisinin saç modeli daha iyiydi? Zarf diyor ki... bukleler düğümlenir.

Front Row at NY Fashion Week: Best Celeb Hair

There were schoolgirl braids and headbands at the Marc Jacobs show, deep side-parts and sleek ponytails at Hugo Boss. Kate Spade’s models strutted the runway with super-high ponies, while bangs were braided at Nanette Lepore, and curls were wide and slightly frizzy at Alice + Olivia.

All these styles were fun. But it was the celebs in the front rows who showed off hair that we want to copy in real life. Here’s a look.

Anna Kendrick’s hair was parted in the middle, straight and gleaming at the Jill Stuart show on February 8.

Two days later, her locks were pulled back with a few long pieces left out to frame her face. It was the perfect no-fuss look for New York’s snowy weather.

Carrie Underwood wore her hair loosely curled at the Rebecca Minkoff show. Her hair was picture perfect, but her outfit was another story. Bare legs in freezing temps? Yes, sometimes celebrities do seem to live in a parallel universe.

At the Carolina Herrera show, Tina Fey played it chic with her hair pulled back in an unadorned knot.

Solange Knowles kept it natural at the Milly show. And she gets best in show when it comes to pairing coat and handbag (love the fringe!).


Hairstyle Classics: How to Keep That Do From Looking Dated

If you’ve rocked a classic style for a while, beware that even the simplest cuts need to evolve. The dawn of a new decade is a good time to update that hairdo. Take a tip (or two) from stylists and stars who know how to keep a good thing going.   

The Pixie
This ultra-short cut not only accents great cheekbones and jawlines, but it also portrays gamine youthfulness and chic sophistication for any age.

  • Vintage Liza Minnelli has made the pixie her signature cut, which she keeps fresh by adding layers and fullness through waves and curls. In her days as Mrs. Frank Sinatra, Mia Farrow made the pixie so enduring that, years later, the boyishly attractive cut helped define the waif movement of the ’90s.
  • Modern Today’s pixie vixens, such as Michelle Williams (who looks a lot like Mia Farrow) and Halle Berry, wear their short cuts with a mix of fragility and seduction.
  • Keep it fresh Hairstylist Kristen Ess, who counts Rachel McAdams and Amanda Bynes as clients, likes to add a few accessories, such as a pair of narrow headbands, to make the pixie more playful. “You think when you cut your hair off that you are limited to that specific look, but the pixie is very versatile,” says Ess. “You can also use products to give a different look or shape. Pomade can make a matte texture, sort of like a shag carpet. A light-hold gel can make it go elegant and sleek, like Sharon Stone, with a lot of control.”

Long and Sleek
Nothing says “sexy” better than a long, flowing mane of luscious, shiny and thick hair.

  • Vintage For Cher, long, shimmering hair has been as much her signature as have her wild Bob Mackie bugle beaded costumes.
  • Modern Demi Moore not only has the body of a teenager, but also the flowing, shiny hair to match. The ageless beauty often lets her hair down for big red-carpet events.
  • Keep it fresh Great hair requires dedicated upkeep, says Ess, who recommends applying a temporary gloss to hair every six weeks. “It seals down the cuticle and acts like a topcoat for your nails,” she says. Carla Gentile, owner of Steam, a hip salon near Beverly Hills, Calif., says the fast way to update long hair is to add bangs. “You can also get away with a really low side part, like Gisele,” she says.

The Shag
This layered hairstyle has become the chic rebel’s favorite look, if only because a bit of tousled imperfection makes it all the more appealing.

  • Vintage Jane Fonda’s shag in Klute made her character tough, scruffy and sexy, and it launched a look that defined the 1970s and beyond.
  • Modern Kristen Stewart and Ashlee Simpson have made a long, loose shag a sought-after look, with hair that is black, red or blond.
  • Keep it fresh
    Gentile says modern shags don’t hug the head and neck as closely as Fonda’s cut. Longer, looser layers are today’s look. Gentile also suggests experimenting with products that thicken or add texture to make the layers more distinct and chunky.

The Bob
The classic bob endures because it is an easy-care style that radiates sophistication -- or in extreme colors, delivers an ironic, punk twist.

  • Vintage The angular bob that silent-film star Louise Brooks wore in the 1920s and ’30s matched the elegant lines of art deco.
  • Modern Katie Holmes has worn a variation of the classic bob for the last two years, first with razor-sharp bangs and now with longer, sideswept ones, while Keira Knightley wears her straight and wavy.
  • Keep it fresh Wear it a bit longer to look modern, says Ess, adding, “The long bob is called the ‘lob,’ which is an awful word but a gorgeous hairstyle.” Ess also suggests giving the hair a few spiral twists around a 1-inch curling iron to add some wave. “And don’t be too uniform with how you’re curling it,” she says. “You want to break up the curl.” 

The Romantic Bride: Long, Loose and Shiny Hair

When Kate Middleton walked down the aisle of Westminster Abbey last April -- with her lustrous chestnut brown hair in loose, elegant curls -- brides-to-be everywhere put down their bobby pins. Her stylist, James Pryce, described the style as “romantic waves,” and said the Duchess had chosen the look because she wanted to “feel like herself” when she married Prince William.

Today, long and loose styles are the most popular look for brides, says Eli Mancha of Chicago’s Bang! Salon, named Hairstylist of the Year at the 2011 North American Hairstyling Awards.

The key to making cascading hair work on your own wedding day isn’t a diamond tiara but shiny, healthy tresses. We asked Mancha for advice on how to get your long hair ready for the big day.

Avoid a Pre-wedding-day Split
Even though you’ll be growing your hair or keeping its length in the months leading up to your wedding, you still want to maintain the ends to prevent splitting. “A trim is necessary at least once every three months to keep the ends fresh,” says Mancha. You might also want to invest in a silk or satin pillowcase to prevent breakage. “The ends of long hair can be very fragile, especially if your hair is fine or color-treated,” says Mancha, “and it can catch on the cotton fibers of traditional pillowcases.”

Rehearse Your Color
Start coloring your hair six months in advance so you’ll have time for at least two touch-ups, and any necessary fine-tuning before the big day. Schedule your final color appointment for a week before your wedding, “so it looks fresh and shiny but more natural than freshly colored hair,” says Mancha. You might also consider a gloss or cellophane treatment. “For blondes, a gloss will tone out any brassiness,” he says, “and it will add richness to darker shades. It also acts as a topcoat, smoothing down all your ends, producing incredible shine and locking in the color so it won’t fade during your honeymoon.”

Find Your Perfect Product Match
Choose the shampoo and conditioner that’s designed for your hair texture: curly, straight, fine or thick. You might also consider products specially formulated for long hair, which has been exposed to more washes, styling and environmental damage than short hair. Wash your hair every other day, applying shampoo to the roots, but only put shampoo on the ends about once a week. Using a leave-in conditioner after your final rinse will provide the extra moisture your thirsty ends need.

Final Prep
“I usually tell my brides to wash their hair the night before the wedding,” says Mancha. “Sleeping on the hair gives a little bit of natural body. What’s more, freshly washed hair is very slippery and won’t hold a style as well. If you are going to have any curl or wave added to your hair, I recommend you or your stylist use a flat iron to create the curls. Not only are flat iron curls more modern and natural-looking, I find that they last longer. You get a slightly more squared curl, which defies gravity better than a curl created by a round surface.”

Photo: @iStockphoto.com/anneleven

Kate Middleton: Royal Wedding Beauty

Will she or won’t she … wear her hair up? That’s the question royal watchers are asking about Kate Middleton’s ’do for the big day she marries Prince William -- April 29 -- in Westminster Abbey. One thing’s for sure: The 29-year-old future queen of England has her own sense of style, and she won’t take orders from the royal advisers just because it’s “tradition.”

With her long, shiny chestnut locks that are often topped with a hat (so very British), Middleton might want to wear her hair loose when she walks down the aisle -- that’s her signature look, after all. But given the fact that this is a royal wedding, with 1,900 gold-leafed invitations sent out and a fairy-tale glass coach to ride in after the vows are exchanged, some speculate that Kate’s hair should be as formal as it gets: worn up in a classic style, such as a French twist.

This sleek, sophisticated ’do would showcase the tiara the bride will undoubtedly wear, chosen from many in the queen’s “jewel pool” and usually presented by the queen as a wedding gift. However, “a French twist is so structured, it can look too severe and mature on a young woman,” says hairstylist (and fellow Brit) Christopher Dove of The Doves Studio in Santa Monica, Calif. “That said, I’m sure Kate would look amazing with her hair up in a French twist, but I’m voting for a much more youthful half-up, half-down style.”

Makeup Fit for a Princess
“All of the young brides I make up are asking for smoky eyes on their wedding day,” says Eugenia Weston, an Emmy-nominated makeup artist and owner of Senna makeup studios in Los Angeles. She imagines that Middleton, however, will skip the sultry makeup.

“I think she’ll go for a fresh, clean look -- starting with her skin -- to take advantage of the fact that it’s naturally luminous,” says Weston. “I’d define her eyes with delicate eyeliner, and add a few individual false lashes to fill in where needed for a feathery fringe. I’d also groom her brows so they are dramatic frames for those lovely eyes. And for her mouth, I’d suggest a rosy lipstick, or maybe even a matte shade that reads like a rosy stain.”

The bottom line: Middleton is so pretty, there isn’t much to be done, and in the conservative splendor of Westminster Abbey, dramatic makeup would look inappropriate. 

Your Own Wedding Countdown
Here’s how to achieve the healthiest and most beautiful hair possible on the big day.

4 weeks before the wedding: Schedule a practice session with the hairdresser. Bring in a photo of your dress and the actual headpiece (veil, jeweled clip, headband, tiara, silk flowers). Bring a camera to capture the range of hairstyles (updo, French twist, half-up half-down, long and flowing). At home, print out the top hairstyle so the hairdresser has a handy reference point for the big day. 

3 weeks: Start weekly at-home deep conditioning treatments.

2 weeks: Have hair cut or trimmed. Book an intensive in-salon conditioning hair care treatment.

1 week: So your hair color looks as fresh as possible, wait until now to have your color or highlights done. Have bangs or fringe trimmed. Continue with at-home conditioning.

Day of: At least three hours before the wedding, meet with the hairdresser. If you’ve chosen an upswept style that can be pinned up securely, you can have your hair done earlier. But if your hair will be worn down with soft curls that can go flat, the appointment needs to be closer to the wedding’s start time.

If you’re headed for a tropical honeymoon, don’t forget to pack that at-home conditioner to maintain your hair’s shine and to protect it from the sun and the sea.