Top 10 Fashion Resolutions for the New Year

Now that the countdown to 2011 is over, it’s time to reassess your personal fashion style and to make a new list of fabulous things to come.

1. Try a Trend
Go ahead and be bold. “Try something new in doses,” suggests Naomi Lim, fashion designer and owner of the Tea & Sympathy label in Kuala Lumpur. Adds Pia Rojas, fashion and beauty editor of Good Housekeeping Philippines: “When I want to try a new trend, I just try it as an accessory instead of a whole outfit. That way, if I find that it doesn't suit me, I didn't waste too much money on it.” So go ahead, try an extra-chunky necklace, or wear multiple strands of bracelets with your basic black dress.

2. Say Goodbye to VPLs
Investing in good underwear is key to getting rid of visible panty lines (aka VPLs) once and for all. For the many women who find thongs uncomfortable, new seamless underwear and boy-shorts (in a silky fabric) also do the trick. In the same vein, a good-fitting bra should diminish the look of back-fat underneath tight clothing.

3. Ditch Old Fashion Rules
Go ahead, mix and match: Wear silver and gold together, wear sneakers with a frou-frou dress. “Liberate yourself against the conformity of what society deems beautiful and sexy,” says Lim. This includes wearing a style or outfit that you normally wouldn’t because it makes you look fat in certain areas. Your body shape may have already changed since you last tried it, so explore.

4. Color up!
While black is classic and universally flattering, a pop of color can be fun and exciting. Spring 2011’s palette of warm and muted tones like mustard yellow and burnt orange give you the option to gently ease into tints. When in doubt, Lim suggests four universal colors that flatter all skin tones: true red, Indian teal, eggplant purple and soft nude pink.

5. Get Fit and Fab
Thin may be in, but healthy is even better. Physical activity can be as simple as taking the stairs back to work on your lunch hour or taking up a friend’s offer to go to the mall for some window-shopping.

6. Care for Your Feet
Your peds strut those cute -- but sometimes painful -- Jimmy Choos and other sky-high stiletto picks. Reward all that hard work by giving your feet the TLC they deserve. Make it a regular habit to soak them in warm water that’s infused with sea salts or essential oils. Gently buff rough spots with a pumice stone or an extra-gritty nail file, massage in lotion and slip on soft socks to bed.

7. Do a New ’do
For the ultimate style-boost, try an entirely new haircut. It’s easy to get stuck in the same rut for fear of the newer styles not matching your face shape. But remember: If it doesn’t work out, your hair will grow back. And if you’re going for a drastic cut, such as a bob or a pixie, consider donating your old long locks to programs that provide wigs to cancer patients.

8. Go High and Low
“Luxury goods are a treat, but shouldn't be the center of your life,” says Lim. “What’s truly stylish is someone who is confident that her own initials are enough.” Make your own unique mark by mixing luxe pieces with cheap, chic finds.

9. Edit Your Closet
Rojas weeds out her closet every six months, systematically going about it by category: shoes, bags, pants, skirts, dresses and so forth. “What I haven't worn in a year, I give away. What I think of as I'll-wear-it-when-I'm-thin, I'll give away.” Rojas also recommends marking your beauty products’ dates-of-purchase so you know when to toss them out.

10. Enjoy fashion!
“Fashion should be fun!” shares Lim. “It's very easy to get too serious and competitive, but to quote Kenneth Cole, ‘To be aware is more important than what you wear.’” So, have fun, enjoy, make mistakes and improvise -- you can always make new style statements and write new fashion resolutions.

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