Your Mom Used to Be Cooler Than You

Sorry to break your millennial heart, but back in your mom’s day, clothes were way cooler than what’s hanging on the racks now. Ever wonder why vintage shopping and style does so well these days? Well, when our mothers were at their hippest, the times were a-changing for women (see: The Feminine Mystique, Title IV, Equal Pay Act and Gloria Steinem). Fashion reflected a breakaway from the housewife mold ascribed to their mothers (aka our grandmothers). In other words, our mothers were style pioneers who brought the spirit of revolution, counterculture and women’s rights into their closets, changing fashion for decades to come. Thanks, moms!

While we may not be as cool as our moms were, we can definitely find some inspiration from their closets. In fact, many of the things they used to wear are trendy this spring and summer. So this Mother’s Day, thank your mom for being a great fashion role model and keep your mom-jean jokes to yourself! Here’s a look at what your mom’s generation has got to offer.

Jean … Everything

OK, moms may not have the best reputation when it comes to jeans, but these ladies made jeans cool. No, but really, we wouldn’t be wearing jeans today if our moms didn’t popularize the pants (and shorts, and jackets, and all things denim). They also were the first to get creative with their jeans -- embroidering, destructing, bleaching, painting, cutting and cuffing their denim before you could buy those looks in stores.


My aunt added a flower, ripped and frayed these shorts back in the day. These would probably run you $60 at Urban Outfitters today.

Crop Tops

Before you blame American Apparel for the overabundance of midriff, our mothers were the first to dare wear tops above their beltlines (despite giving us grief about our midriff). Though our generation clearly owns the crop top with low-rise jeans look (hence the grief), our mothers’ higher, more appropriate waistlines are what fashion runways have called upon for crop-top pairing this spring and summer.



If you even think our gen’s “boyfriend” jeans and button-ups stand a chance against our mother’s menswear-inspired closet, kindly search “Diane Keaton” in the browser of your choice. Ties, masculine-looking suits, oversized button-ups and shoulder pads were worn by our mothers without the implication that they borrowed from their boyfriends’ closet. So, channel your inner Keaton to emulate the runway-inspired looks for suits, button-ups and pants.


Diane Keaton

Hair Accessories

The retro bows, scarves and headband looks that fuel Pinterest boards today have our mothers to thank. And, basically everything Coachella hair wishes it could be came from our moms. Yes, all the feathered and flowery hair accessories music festivals are teeming with today were brought about by our mothers expressing their Native American sympathies and peace-loving, anti-war sentiments.

Bridget Bardot

Elizabeth Taylor

Pale Pink

While we may attribute pastel in abundance to ’90s pop stars, it was Mamie Eisenhower (34th First Lady), not Britney Spears, who brought pale pink hues into style (the color was actually dubbed “Mamie” pink). Subtle pinks were all over the latest fashion runways, as were pastels, but if you ask your mom, she’s likely to say, oh yeah, that’s what we’d wear to look preppy and cute.

Diana Ross

Oversized Glasses

Mamie was followed by Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis (aka Jackie O). She took fashion by storm and is responsible for popularizing the oversized glasses look in the ’60s. So while we may associate oversized glasses with celebs trying to hide their famous faces, once again, our mom’s generation did it first. And all those super circular or square frames models donned on the runways were also looks Jackie O brought about. 

Jackie O

All the Skirt Trends

Maxis, minis, tulle, tea length, printed -- you name it! The skirts that are going to be trending this spring and summer were worn by mama dearest and her friends. Our mothers also wore skirts in ways we don’t, such as with slips (can’t knock ’em till you try ’em). Sometimes they even had tubes sewn into the hems that they could inflate for added fullness (yep, their skirt technology was way cooler).

via SerendipityCircus

Wide-Leg Trousers

I personally greatly questioned my ability to wear these when I saw them sashaying down the runway, but hey, if our moms could rock wide-leg trousers and make them cool (and they did), we can put aside our skintight jeans and leggings-as-pants for at least a day and give them a chance ... right?

Joni Mitchelle

Platform Heels

Do you think that cork wedge heels were a ’90s thing? Think again. Cork wedge and other platform heels are retro. So we can add them to our growing list of trends millennials think we started but didn’t.

Image via 1989Vintage


According to fashion mags and many a runway, you should wear embroidered anything this spring and summer. It doesn’t take a fashion historian to tell you our moms already wore embroidered everything. They even did the embroidery themselves.

Mia Farrow

Now that you have some insight into why our moms were so much cooler than we are, let us know which vintage style you’ll be rocking this spring and summer @TheStyleGlossy.

Spring Footwear That Will Knock Your Socks Off

After months spent undercover in boots and wool socks, your feet are ready to step out into the sunshine. And if you need a holiday as an excuse to show off your smashing new pedicure, you’ve got one. May 8 is National No Socks Day. No kidding. For inspiration on spring and summer footwear, take a look at how some of your favorite celebrities have been putting their best sock-free foot forward on the red carpet.


At the Divergent premiere, Bella Thorne strutted the red carpet in a crop top and skirt combo. Her sky-high sandals were the perfect accessory to keep the look polished and ladylike.

Out and about in New York, Karolina Kurkova pounded the pavement in a gorgeous ankle-strap stiletto.


Paint your pout and toes in pink, but opt for nude shoes, as Leighton Meester did with a strappy sandal at The Tribeca Film Festival.

Katie Holmes paired her navy zippered dress with nude pumps. A smart choice for any woman who wants her legs to look longer, and that includes almost every woman.

Ankle Straps

At a recent London press conference for Victoria’s Secret, model Candice Swanepoel kicked up her heels ... and showed that a glittery ankle strap can be every bit as sexy as lace lingerie.


Bella Thorne has a great shoe closet! At the MTV Movie Awards her silver sandals had the delicacy of a great piece of jewelry. It’s a shoe that would fit in just as well with your favorite skinny jeans.


If you miss your tall boots, you’ll love the calf-climbing pumps that Jill Wagner wore to the MTV Movie Awards. Notice how they match her bracelet; we call the look “tasteful bondage.”


Divergent star Shailene Woodley won best-dressed raves for her outfit at the MTV Movie Awards. The Balmain dress was long-sleeved and leather with a hint of skin at the midriff. Her strappy Jimmy Choo sandals had the same edgy-feminine vibe.


If you can only buy one pair of heels this spring, you might want to follow Jessica Alba’s example and pick a pair with a black and white pattern. They work with everything from a little black dress to pastel pieces, as Jessica shows here.

Which 'Girls' Character Raided Your Closet?

1.    It’s the weekend (at last!). What are you wearing as you lounge about?

A.   Granny panties. It’s the weekend.
B.   My fluffy purple bathrobe.
C.   Muumuu, silk robe or something I might even wear out later if I feel like it.
D.   Yoga pants, sports bra and a fitted cotton scoop neck.

2.    You’re heading to a party where you will be dancing. No excuses. What shoes do you wear?

A.   Whatever I want. Shoes can be taken off.
B.   I have like a million heels. I’m sure one will work for dancing.
C.   I don’t know … clogs?
D.   I’d pass on stilettos and wear a shoe with a sturdy heel.

3.    Dinner with the parents. (Hooray for free meals!) What do you wear to show them you’re a functioning adult on her way to great things?

A.   I’d wear a cute new outfit, but save my cutest new outfit for going out.
B.   Whatever is clean.
C.   Easy. A skirt, blouse and statement necklace that compliments the tasteful earrings my grandmother gave me.
D.   My parents taking me out for dinner. Is that supposed to be a joke?

4.    Condiments drip from your food onto your shirt (#streetfoodproblems). You:

A.   Either go home to quickly change or duck into the nearest clothing store.
B.   Reach into your bag to see if you still have that stain remover. You do.
C.   Lick it off and hope for the best.
D.   Take off your shirt and just wear your bra.

5.    If you had to choose between the four, whose style would you love to copy?

A.   Zooey Deschanel
B.   Kate Moss
C.   Victoria Beckham
D.   Silvia Plath

6.    You’re in the fitting room with these awesome pants. Except the fit isn’t perfect. Your usual reaction is:

A.   Buy them. It’s nothing $20 at a tailor can’t solve.
B.   Don’t buy them. There are hundreds of other options out there.
C.   Buy them. They’re comfortable enough.
D.   Don’t buy them. Those jeans you took from an old summer fling are way cooler.

7.    What’s your favorite thing to wear?

A.   Something fantastic and one of a kind, like a vintage turquoise ring.
B.   Something elegant, like a perfectly tailored dress with a pair of stud earrings.
C.   Something with meaning or sentiment, like a necklace made from your boyfriend’s tooth.
D.   There’s nothing better than wearing new purchases for the first time.

8.    You have a job interview. What impression do you want your clothes to give off?

A.   I belong here.
B.   I’m creative.
C.   I’m energetic.
D.   You’d be lucky to have me.

Points: 1) a. 0 b. 3 c. 1 d. 2; 2) a. 1 b. 3 c. 0 d. 2; 3) a. 3 b. 0 c. 2 d. 1; 4) a. 3 b. 2 c. 0 d. 1; 5) a. 3 b. 1 c. 2 d. 0; 6) a. 2 b. 3 c. 0 d. 1; 7) a. 1 b. 2 c. 0 d. 3; 8) a. 2 b. 0 c. 3 d. 1

0-6 Hannah -- “The Independent Anti-Try-Hard”-- You march to the beat of your own drum, and anything that gets you away from that I’m-from-the-suburbs-and-moved-to-the-city look is a plus. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t, but whatever, you’re trying. Adults have to wear clothes; you get it, but that doesn’t mean you have to devote your precious time (or dwindling finances) to finding clothes that fit perfectly and separates that go together. And at least your style is an honest reflection of yourself and not some construed, wannabe style you ripped from a magazine. Besides, you’ve got bigger problems (hello: rent!) than matching colors to your skin tone or getting things tailored.


7-12 Jessa -- “The Effortlessly ‘It’ Girl” -- Some may call you a Bohemian babe, but since when have you cared about what others think? Um, never. Your fashion motto: Boring is a stupid waste of your time. The last thing you’re afraid of is texture and you don’t shy away from the big, the bold, the oversized or exotic. And since people can be so disappointing, most of your joie de vivre can be found in your closet. Your clothes express your confidence, “old-soul” wisdom and travels. Chances are you’ve never bought anything trendy or new in your life, and you’ll never have to worry about another person wearing the same feathered cape to a party.


13-18 Marnie -- “The Polished Perfectionist” -- No matter if your heart’s broken or your career compromised, your outfits always provide a put-together look even on a Saturday morning in bed. Paying attention to detail comes naturally to you, and you are well-versed in the use of accessories. While your tastes may get called conservative -- or maybe even boring -- you’re smart enough to know that sophisticated and classic basics are great investments for the future. And just because you don’t dress like a trust fund-depraved millennial doesn’t mean you aren’t hip (see: translucent plastic dress with gold, crocodile under-layer). Plus, you’re sexy (albeit sensible).


19-24 Shoshanna -- “The Girly Girly-Girl” -- I mean, can a girl own too many bows? Not unless fashion has become, like, fash-ism. I mean, you know there are rules and you’re totes on top of the trends, but you’re just too flirty and fun not to push them a little now and then. Sequins and sparkles are staples in your closet and you probably own more accessories than all of your friends combined. Your outfits are cheery and even childish at times, but always come with a touch of maturity and fashion know-how. But most of all, your style is a reminder to those around you of your vibrant and effervescent personality.


What Your Handbag Says About You

A woman’s go-to handbag can speak volumes about who she is -- her personality, her lifestyle, her aspirations. So take a minute to think about your favorite bag. Then peek below to find out what your preferred purse reveals about you! 

An Oversized Tote

You’re a busy career woman who’s always on the go, hence the need for the huge tote to lug around all your essentials, from your laptop to your makeup bag and even a change of clothes. You’re ready to take on the world and always come prepared, but you often forget to stop and smell the roses. Remember to relax; it’s good for your health.

ALDO Marante Oversized Taupe Tote Bag, $93

A Structured Satchel

You tend to be on the more serious side, and you take your job very seriously as well. While you’re definitely not high maintenance, you do appreciate the finer things in life, and you have a classic sense of style that you convey through your impeccable power-woman wardrobe.

Cambridge Satchel, $192

A Crossbody Bag

You’re a less-is-more type of girl. You appreciate the simple things in life and skip the 24/7 glam makeup thing. Heck, you couldn’t even fit more than a tube of lip gloss, some concealer and powder in your bag if you tried. All you need is your wallet and your smartphone and you’re ready to roll.

Anthropologie Abrojo Crossbody Bag, $118

A Hobo Bag 

You’re a chill girl who likes to go with the flow and who needs an equally carefree bag to match her free-spirited lifestyle. Your friends would probably describe your style as boho chic. And you most likely live in a year-round warm climate like Southern California or South Beach, Fla. 

Free People El Rey Hobo, $88

A Backpack Purse

You’re either a college student or a hip 20-something who’s trying to make her way in the work world. You’re always up to date on the latest trends and are likely to get snapped by a street-style photographer thanks to your unique fashion sense. Taking risks definitely comes naturally to you, and you could care less what others think. Plus, hey, a backpack is practical!

Nasty Gal Stevie Faux Shearling Mini Backpack, $68

A Clutch

You’re glamorously girly and love to wear flirty dresses, skirts and high heels whether you’re hitting the town or just heading to work. You always plan ahead and know exactly what you need and nothing more, which is why you can afford to keep your bag so small and clutter-free. You’re the queen of organization and may even have your own fashion blog.

Melie Bianco Oversized Crackle Clutch, $43

Iconic Male Movie Characters Get Modern-day Makeover

What woman hasn’t felt an itch to update her boyfriend’s wardrobe? Even if your boyfriend is, say, Brad Pitt, Leonardo DiCaprio, Eddie Murphy or Marlon Brando. Last week, in honor of The Costume Designers Guild Awards, a group of Los Angeles fashion students competed in an event to create a modern-day tuxedo shirt for their favorite male movie character. The catch: They had to make the tuxedo shirts out of LACOSTE polos.

The Style Glossy got an inside look at the sketches.

Prince Akeem (Eddie Murphy), Coming to America

Louis de Pointe du Lac (Brad Pitt), Interview with the Vampire

Jay Gatsby (Leonardo DiCaprio), The Great Gatsby

Phil “Duckie” Dale (Jon Cryer), Pretty in Pink

Ren McCormack), Footloose

Don Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), The Godfather

The winner: Jay Gatsby. Here’s a look at the final shirt, created by Lucy Li of The Fashion Institute of Design & Merchandising.

But you don’t need a fashion degree to borrow great looks from the boys. Beryl Lacoste-Hamilton, granddaughter of Rene Lacoste who founded the sportswear company in 1933, says she has long shopped the menswear side of the aisle. Here are some of her tips:

Play doubles: Lacoste-Hamilton likes to layer two polo shirts, the better to play with color contrasts by rolling up the sleeves and letting the collars overlap. Her favorite feminine color combinations are pink with orange (in homage to Yves St. Laurent) or pink and purple.

Serve up accessories: “If you’re going to wear a man’s shirt, you need to accessorize to keep the look feminine,” Lacoste-Hamilton says. Her favorite girly accents are chain necklaces in the style of Chanel, or the very French look of a scarf. “You can wear a small scarf tied at the neck,” she says, “or a large square folded into a triangle and draped over one shoulder.”

More top scores from his closet: Tennis sweaters and white dress shirts (chic when belted), Panama hats, neckties (cute as belts) and of course, his colorful polo shirts.