Summer Style With Gabrielle Anwar

Gabrielle Anwar’s unique, hot-weather style works in both her major roles -- as ammo-loving Fiona Glenanne on the Miami set of the USA hit “Burn Notice” and as mom to her three kids (Willow, 16; Paisley, 8; and Hugo, 6) in real life. “Fiona has a very utilitarian approach to style,” says Anwar. “If you can conceal a weapon in it and it would function well under fire, then it’s going to work for her. She enjoys exposing the flesh: It makes her seemingly vulnerable, but there’s a lot more to it than meets the eye.”

Between scenes, the 40-year-old actress is often found riding around the set on a cruiser bike in formless dresses and flip-flops. “I think my style may be ‘Bohemian Without a Cause,’” she says of her preferred look. “I like to feel that I can actually parent in the clothes I’m wearing. I’ve collected a bunch of fabrics and colors and textures that I feel are beautiful, and it doesn’t matter what anybody else thinks.”

So what constitutes Anwar’s style? “You don’t have to get dressed up to look beautiful,” she says. “Comfort has a lot to do with it. That, and defining your own style. I’m willing to make mistakes. I’m always more attracted to women who are defining their own look. They catch my eye on the tube or the subway, and I’m intrigued by who they are and why they chose that particular necklace to go with that particular outfit.”

Here are Anwar’s tips on go-to wardrobe pieces for the steamy days of summer:

1. Dresses
I love wearing frocks. I prefer recycling something rather than purchasing new, so I go to vintage stores a lot. It just seems like a better choice. Having said that, I love Rozae Nichols dresses. I find her style very classic and very feminine. She has a casual line, which isn’t really pricey and is as exquisitely made and as beautiful as her couture line.

You’ll find the Rozae Nichols new summer 2010 collection at

2. Flip-flops
I’m 5 feet 3 inches tall, so on the show I have to wear heels to make it in the shot. It would be my head and Jeffrey’s shoulders, or Jeffrey’s head and nothing of me. [Jeffrey is Anwar’s “Burn Notice” co-star, Jeffery Donovan.] In real life, I have a closet full of flip-flops. I do try to keep a very neutral palette. I tend to steer clear of black because it’s so popular and it’s always the choice, so I like to make my own choice. I like neutral colors because I like to feel like I’m existing in a dreamscape. I’m partial to Havaianas because they do some very interesting things with a simple shoe.

Check out the for a selection of flip-flops in a dozen different colors, including mint green, pink and marine blue.

3. Summer Night out
I would combine a Rozea Nichols frock, which is very diaphanous and almost ethereal and otherworldly, with flip-flops just so I could stay grounded, although I might have to wear wedges just so I could see what was going on.

4. Bathing Suits

Brazilian bottoms are perfect for every body type. I have sat on the beaches of Brazil, and I have seen every possible imaginable female form in the Brazilian-cut bikini and it works. It gracefully glides the behind in the most flattering position.

Google “Brazilian bathing suits” for links to online stores carrying the swimwear.

5. Jewelry

I mostly wear bracelets. I’m experimenting with earrings, but I tend to feel like a Christmas tree with a lot of jewelry. I usually go for minimal wrist jewelry.

Visit the Web sites of two of Anwar’s favorite jewelry designers, Me & Ro and Jeanine Payer.