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What Your Handbag Says About You


A woman’s go-to handbag can speak volumes about who she is -- her personality, her lifestyle, her aspirations. So take a minute to think about your favorite bag. Then peek below to find out what your preferred purse reveals about you! 

An Oversized Tote

You’re a busy career woman who’s always on the go, hence the need for the huge tote to lug around all your essentials, from your laptop to your makeup bag and even a change of clothes. You’re ready to take on the world and always come prepared, but you often forget to stop and smell the roses. Remember to relax; it’s good for your health.

ALDO Marante Oversized Taupe Tote Bag, $93

A Structured Satchel

You tend to be on the more serious side, and you take your job very seriously as well. While you’re definitely not high maintenance, you do appreciate the finer things in life, and you have a classic sense of style that you convey through your impeccable power-woman wardrobe.

Cambridge Satchel, $192

A Crossbody Bag

You’re a less-is-more type of girl. You appreciate the simple things in life and skip the 24/7 glam makeup thing. Heck, you couldn’t even fit more than a tube of lip gloss, some concealer and powder in your bag if you tried. All you need is your wallet and your smartphone and you’re ready to roll.

Anthropologie Abrojo Crossbody Bag, $118

A Hobo Bag 

You’re a chill girl who likes to go with the flow and who needs an equally carefree bag to match her free-spirited lifestyle. Your friends would probably describe your style as boho chic. And you most likely live in a year-round warm climate like Southern California or South Beach, Fla. 

Free People El Rey Hobo, $88

A Backpack Purse

You’re either a college student or a hip 20-something who’s trying to make her way in the work world. You’re always up to date on the latest trends and are likely to get snapped by a street-style photographer thanks to your unique fashion sense. Taking risks definitely comes naturally to you, and you could care less what others think. Plus, hey, a backpack is practical!

Nasty Gal Stevie Faux Shearling Mini Backpack, $68

A Clutch

You’re glamorously girly and love to wear flirty dresses, skirts and high heels whether you’re hitting the town or just heading to work. You always plan ahead and know exactly what you need and nothing more, which is why you can afford to keep your bag so small and clutter-free. You’re the queen of organization and may even have your own fashion blog.

Melie Bianco Oversized Crackle Clutch, $43

by Girard Cseh