The Secret Hair Story of Ruby Rose

If Ruby Rose -- Australian VJ, TV host, model, fashion icon, and more recently, budding fashion designer -- sports a hairstyle for longer than a month, chances are she’s either in bed with the flu or on safari in Africa. In fact, she’s made a career out of changing her style, to the point where she is now considered a fashion icon. She’s an individual who rarely follows trends. Instead, she’s resolutely fashion-forward.

In the space of a couple of years, the 24-year-old presenter’s locks have gone from long, black and sleek (with an ongoing penchant for a blunt fringe) to punk-rocker short and shaved, to everything in between. Colourwise, she’s skipped the spectrum from blue-ish silver to platinum blonde, raven black to honey blonde. She’s bleached it, cropped it and chopped it, streaked it and grown it -- and that’s just for starters.

“I think of [style] as art,” says Rose. “It’s a way to express yourself without words.” The Melbournite’s style evolution can be traced back to when she first graced Australian television screens in 2007. She was discovered at an open audition call for an MTV VJ and successfully beat out 2,000 hopefuls. MTV fell for her look, and her desire to walk to the beat of her own fashion drum (she rarely uses a stylist).

Before auditioning for MTV, Rose was runner-up in the Girlfriend magazine model competition. First place was given to her future on-off girlfriend, Catherine McNeil. (McNeil has since gone on to appear on the covers of Vogue Australia, Vogue Paris, V and Numero magazines, as well as a host of glossy advertising campaigns.)

But back to Rose; her ever-changing hairstyles, not to mention her growing collection of tattoos, has gone hand in hand with her ever-changing sartorial style. We’ve seen her evolve from tomboyish indie DJ to fashion icon, more likely to be seen wearing Chanel than ripped denim.

Depending on her mood, Rose’s hairstyles range from in-your-face rock chick, to a 1920s-inspired flapper silver-blonde bob. At the time of writing, she’s flaunting softer brown tones and her fringe is topped with a smattering of golden streaks. It’s a more sophisticated palette, but she still retains her unique look.

As an extension of her style, Rose has branched into fashion. Recently, she collaborated with Sydney label Milk & Honey to launch her first capsule fashion line, which features slogan T-shirts, distressed jeans and rock-chic jackets.

Whatever happens, you can be sure of one thing when it comes to Ruby’s hair: Nothing stays the same. 

Top Hair Tips for Bright Locks

1. If you have bleached hair, make sure you buy shampoo and conditioner that is specially formulated. This stops blond tresses from adopting a yellowish tinge, keeps the colour in and refreshes your look. Still, don’t go overboard, as this type of shampoo can invite a bluish tinge -- unless that’s the look you’re after, like Ms. Rose.

2. If you colour your hair regularly, be sure to use repairing treatments. You can get ones to use at home that will put moisture back into your hair and help repair split ends. 

3. Go easy with the dryer. Don't automatically reach for the dryer every time you wash your hair. Using dryers, curling tongs and straighteners will make hair more porous -- and porous hair doesn't hold colour as well -- so let it dry naturally when you can.