Hair and Beauty Runway-ready Secrets

It’s not always sensible to take your beauty cues from the catwalks. At least not when we’re talking metal Mohawks as seen at Alexander McQueen. But for Autumn/Winter 2010, the international collections offered up some wonderfully wearable, as well as easily workable, hair and makeup inspirations, from Chloe’s bouncy long locks to Chanel’s delicious smoky eyes.

Smoky Eyes

With spring around the corner, Chanel’s yeti chic is a hard sell, but if Karl Lagerfeld’s fur moonboots are not top of our wish list, his vision for a smoky eyed siren surely is. Sydney based makeup artist Allison Boyle, who’s worked with Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richie, suggests boosting the mascara effect: First, sweep a creamy eye shadow all over your lid to just above the crease and into the inner corner. Apply black mascara on your top lashes. Wipe the excess off the mascara wand and gently press the wand onto skin all around the edges of the shadow for a stippled effect.

Shiny Hair

At the Chloe show, shiny, flowing hair ruled -- a carefree style that’s just right for the Australian summer. "Bouncy, clean hair is something I often look for in a model," says local designer Fleur Wood. "It enhances a girl’s natural beauty and always looks chic.  My hair director, Brad Ngata, who works on my shows and shoots, says the secret is in the prep. Always brush hair before washing, use a high-quality shampoo and conditioner, and rinse your conditioner with cold water to get that glossy look.”

Big Braids

Thick plaits were anything but schoolgirlish at Christian Dior. That was down to pumping up the volume, says leading Australian hairstylist, Jayne Wild of Wild Life in Sydney’s Milson’s Point. “If you're blessed with long, thick, wavy hair, then simply gather it to the side, section off to the beginning at the ear and start braiding by picking up the outside section (closest to your face) as you go. Once done, pull at the braid to give that fuller, more relaxed feel.”

If your hair is straight, cheat! “To ‘texture-set’ the front section [which at the Dior show was where the volume was focused], take small, say 75mm, sections of hair, and tease with a midsized tooth comb all the way down the shaft. Then, run your heated hair straightener tongs over the teased area. Continue this throughout the section you have chosen, and leave to cool down for a couple of minutes. Then, brush it out enough to put your fingers through and begin braiding all the way down the shaft, securing at the ends. As you pull at the braid to loosen it up, the texture setting will help give it a fuller, more dishevelled look.”

Stain Gang

At Dolce&Gabbana, alabaster complexions were brightened with a sexy hint of lip colour. Soft, smooth lips are an essential starting point, warns Allison Boyle. “Stains look dreadful on dry lips. To get soft lips, exfoliate with a damp washcloth. Add a balm treatment, being careful to blot the excess off with a tissue before you apply a light stain for a berry-kissed pout.”