Hot Date on Valentine’s? Get Hair Tips From Our Celebrity Stylist!


Valentine’s Day is almost here! Whether you’ve been with your sweetie for two years or two weeks, get ready to spice things up with an ultra-glam come-hither look that’ll have him falling for you all over again. And hey, if you haven’t met your valentine yet, we’re betting you will soon when you try one of these flirty hairstyle ideas, inspired by the heads of our favorite beauties. Check ’em out, along with tips from our celebrity stylist Julia Papworth, and get ready to up your game come February 14.

1. Jessica Alba’s Old Hollywood Glam Curls


Knock his socks off this Valentine’s Day by channeling old Hollywood glamour a la Jessica Alba. To get the look, Papworth recommends starting out with a great volumizing cream. Then blow-dry your hair using a round brush and create a deep side part. With a 1-inch curling iron, now curl medium sections of hair horizontally across your head. As soon as you’re done with each curl, clip it up to allow it to set. Once your head cools a bit, take down the curls and brush through your hair to separate them. Apply a small drop of a smoothing cream, like argan serum, to calm any flyaways and mist on a medium hold hairspray to finish up.

2. Charlize Theron’s Sophisticated Side Bun


A carefree but elegant updo like Charlize Theron’s is perfect for Valentine’s Day. For this style, begin with dry hair. Curl your entire head with a medium-sized iron to add some texture, and piece out the curls with your fingers once they cool. Next, tease your crown to add a little lift. Pull your hair back and to the side, right behind your ear, to create a bun. Secure it with bobby pins, tugging out a few strands to give it that messy, sexy vibe.

3. Diane Kruger’s Messy Side Braid


Paired with a glitzy ensemble, this messy side braid is loose, gorgeous and oh so romantic! Start with dry hair and apply a sea salt spray to add some texture; braid loosely to the side, advises Papworth. Don’t forget to leave out some curly tendrils because the messier the better for this style.

4. Lauren Conrad's Luxurious Curls


Lauren Conrad is the queen of dreamy hairdos. Rock her signature luxe long curls to really make him swoon. Julia suggests applying a smoothing cream from the mid lengths of damp hair through the ends first. Spray a volumizing spray at your roots and then blow dry with a medium-sized round brush. After blow-drying, use a large-barrel curling iron (around 1.5 inches depending on your hair’s thickness) and curl in vertical sections around your head. Make sure to direct the curls away from your face. Once the curls cool, mist a brush with a light hold hairspray and brush through. 

5. Taylor Swift’s Va-Va-Voom Locks


Do vintage ’80s volume with a twist this Valentine’s Day! Start with towel-dried hair, and apply volumizing cream to the mid-lengths and ends of hair, and a volumizing hairspray to your roots, says Papworth. Blow-dry your fringe first as it can air-dry very quickly. Use a paddle brush on your bangs to achieve volume and smoothness, and then move on to the rest of your head. Blow-dry with a large round brush to get optimal lift, and after each section is dry, pin it up to allow it to set and cool. Leave the ends of your hair slightly out of the pin to help avoid curly ends. After cooling, let the hair down and separate with your fingers.


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by Beatrice Strnad