Runway Beauty Report: Summer 2013 Eye Makeup Trends

girl in chair

If you’re in a makeup rut or just feeling a little daring, runway fashion shows can be a terrific source of inspiration. Then again, some looks don’t translate at all from runway to real life. Here, straight from the catwalk, are two takes on eye makeup worth taking a closer look -- and one you don’t want to give a second glance.

Try It: Exaggerated Cat Eyes

Meow! Wings really took off on the runway shows of Anna Sui, Lanvin and Dolce & Gabbana. Hyper-extended liner went beyond the outer boundaries of the eyebrows and was as thick as racing stripes. With the liner extending into the crease, lids were kept bare of eye shadow. This feline look is fun for a night of cocktails and dancing. But mastering it takes patience, so do a few trial runs.

Try It: Sequined Eye Liner

At Chanel’s fall runway show, chunky knits and timeless tweeds were paired with a playful, blinged-out eye. The lower lashes were defined with black eyeliner, the top lashes with giant flecks of platinum glitter, each painstakingly glued in place. A few dots of glitter were also added to the tips of the lashes. We say why not go for the glitz! As long as you’re ready to be the center of attention. (In other words, skip the sequins at your best friend’s wedding.) For a more subtle take on an embellished eye, consider this look that Givenchy showed on the runway a couple seasons back. Cut a gold sequin in half and, using eyelash glue, apply a shimmering half moon under the lower lashes of each eye.

Skip It: Bleached-out arches

At the Gucci show, arches were invisible, lightened to a pale blond that disappeared into the skin. Yes, the no-brow look is eye-catching, but not in a good way. Even for models with perfect bone structure, the absence of arches was disconcerting, making their foreheads look distressingly oversized.