When Fashion and Beauty Styles Return

What goes around comes around, and that stands for fashion too. What are the season’s top returning styles?

The Pointy Toe

We’ve not seen this sharp shape for some time, as super-high platform heels, wedges and clogs have dominated the summer. But the classic shape is set to make its comeback in a big way. Stella McCartney reinvented them on her autumn/winter 2010 catwalk, as did Louis Vuitton. And now, the A-list is championing the look -- Kate Moss, Gwyneth Paltrow, Natalia Vodianova and Kate Bosworth have all been snapped sporting the perfect pointy toe, and the high street is already showing signs of jumping onto the trend.

The Classic Tea Dress

Since “Mad Men” hit our screens, everyone’s been getting hot under their beehives for 1950s fashion. And the most wearable trend is the tea dress. This classic has returned with a bang -- its flattering shape accentuates cleavage, hides lumps and bumps and is ultra-feminine. It can be worn long or short, and in any fabric or pattern. Alexa Chung has been spotted in floral versions, as has Jessica Alba and Liv Tyler. It’s a wardrobe staple you can revisit in years to come -- invest now and continue to reap the style rewards.

The Groomed Brow

It’s amazing how the little strips of hair above the eyes can transform a face -- and spark a trend. This season sees the return of the ultra-groomed brow. We’re talking full, glossy and beautifully shaped. For inspiration, turn to model-of-the-moment Rosie Huntington-Whiteley, Emma Watson or Chloe Sevigny. Or check out the artfully combed brows on the Chloe autumn/winter 2010 catwalk or Muiccia’s “Mad Men”-esque 1950s-style full brows. We might, however, take a raincheck on Topshop Unique’s yeti-fur offering or Balenciaga’s pastel-coloured brows -- as fun as they are. To get the look, have brows threaded into a natural shape, then use an eyebrow pencil and fill in with small strokes to get a fuller effect.

The New Black

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a single colour dominate a season, but that’s exactly what’s happening this autumn/winter with the return of that classic 1970s colour: camel. Hannah MacGibbon’s collection for Chloe was almost entirely camel-coloured, with elegant, grown up pussy-bow shirts, brushed wool camel coats and the seminal wide-legged trouser setting the catwalk alight. Fendi’s camel suede platform boot is also a hit. Camel enthusiasts include Alexa Chung, Kate Hudson, Blake Lively and Cate Blanchett -- and the high street is already all over this current trend. We’re particularly loving silky camel shorts and midlength camel trench coats. Team with red pieces to nail the look.

The Fringe

We all loved the long, layered hairstyles with centre-partings that have been key to summer, but this trend has been a slow burn, with celebs catching on to the look over the past year. Now it’s safe to say that this season the fringe is back -- and making an impact! Whether it’s Angelina Jolie’s softly sideswept fringe or Katy Perry’s face-framing short, blunt fringe, bangs are bang-on-trend -- and it’s a look that’s easy to get and won’t break the bank. Go for a fringe that suits your face shape. We heart Coleen Rooney’s new longish, mussed-up fringe for a casual look; Milla Jovovich’s side-parted full fringe with slight layers for everyday glamour; or look to Lily Allen’s short, black bob with chunky fringe for a structured, elegant hairstyle.