Rain-ready Wear

If you’re experiencing another rainy day, looking the part of the all-weather fashion princess is easy with a few closet calls.

Chic in the Rain
Umbrellas come in all shapes and sizes. Depending on the size of your purse, you might consider something light and toteable. But for maximum style appeal, and not to mention coverage, try the bigger, bolder designs out there in full-parasol sizes. (You can always stash them in the back of the car and at the office lobby when you get in.)

The Sporty Fashionista
Companies like The North Face, Columbia and Patagonia were ahead of the mainstream in terms of delivering rain-friendly outdoor wear. Mountaineers have long enjoyed high-tech fabrics that both whisk away moisture while remaining comfortable and breathable. In recent years, these brands have upped the ante, scoring points in the fashionable department with tailored designs and more stylish pieces in their lineup.

Classic Trench Coat
This fashion essential, popularized by Burberry, should be a wardrobe staple. That couldn’t be more on point than when it’s rainy out. Coats come in a variety of shapes, sizes and materials, and you can simply adjust your choice depending on climate: If it’s humid, a thin waterproof parka or well-fitting raincoat lets you maneuver puddles fashionably while keeping you dry underneath. When it’s cooler out, don a trench that’s lined in a warm fabric.

Well, Wellies
Hunter Wellington boots, aka “Wellies,” have long made their way from British shores to the rest of the fashion world waiting for this tried-and-tested rain-friendly footwear. Stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe recently blogged about the latest Prada all-weather boots -- in striking red leather -- over at Stylecaster.com.  Here at The Style Glossy, former Cosmopolitan magazine Philippines fashion editor Katrina Dy guides you through rain-boot shopping, and talks about Plueys, a new brand of puddle-friendly footwear from Hong Kong that just launched in Manila and also available in Singapore (visit ReadyForRain.com and Plueys.com).

Waterproof Makeup
Don’t let the drizzle dampen your beauty outlook. With fab rain-ready style comes makeup that stands up to any weather challenge. When it’s wet out, you’ll have all the more reason to brush on waterproof mascara and slick on budge-proof eyeliner. Skip liquid foundation at this point and opt for mineral powders that naturally stay on skin without streaking when dampened.

The Right Tote
What good is looking sassy head to toe in the rain if your bag, along with everything inside it, gets drenched? Mountaineers, again, have this down pat by waterproofing items in their backpack using resealable plastic bags. You can do this for your mobile phone, iPod and even your wallet. If these plastic bags aren’t exactly your thing, good news is: You can now shop for stylish ‘rain bags’ made from PVC plastic.

You can also give your fave leather handbag a wet-weather makeover by applying a coat of waterproofing spray, available at the sporting goods store or shoe repair shop. Just make sure to do a patch test first on a small, unnoticeable corner of the bag to determine if you’ll like the result (and to make sure that the product doesn’t actually leave any unwanted stain).