Healthy Hair Hacks: Get Gorgeous Winter Hair

Every woman wants gorgeous hair 365 days a year. And that includes those winter days when it’s windy and freezing outdoors, and dry and overheated indoors. Here’s how to keep your hair gorgeous and healthy even when, baby, it’s cold outside!

Let Hat Hair Work for You

“When the temperatures drop, hats are inevitable. But you can use your hat-wearing time to create heat-free waves and curls. Try braiding your hair or setting in pin curls, then place your beret or fedora on. Once you take off your hat, undo the braids or pin curls and shake it out, you’ll be left with beautiful waves without the time, effort and damage of a curling iron.”

-- George Gonzalez, George the Salon, Chicago

Stifle Static in 3 Steps

“Dry air not only takes a toll on our skin, but on our hair as well. Something that no one can avoid is static buildup in the hair. To keep the hairs on your head from flying high while you’re walking the halls of the office this winter, I recommend three items: an ionic ceramic hair dryer, a moisturizing conditioner and a metal coat hanger. You may be scratching your head on that last one, but let me explain.

“Ionic dryers release negatively charged ions that break down water molecules, helping to prevent frizz. Drying your hair with an ionic dryer will be the first step to combating static cling. A good conditioner coats your strands, reducing the chances of flyaways. If you still find your hair gathering static even after using the ionic dryer and a good conditioner, slowly rub a metal hanger along your hair, starting at the crown of your head and moving down. Voila! The metal will gather the remaining static from your hair.”

-- Jonathan Elkhouri, Salon Khouri, Washington, D.C.

Keep Curls Looking Their Best

“To keep curls shiny and frizz-free during the winter months, we suggest following three steps. Let hair air-dry as much and as often as possible. Moisturize regularly with a lightweight conditioner to fight dryness without weighing hair down. And invest in silk-lined winter hats to keep your curls smooth while you’re keeping your head warm in sub-zero temps.”

-- Christie Jean-Baptiste, Kekei Salon, Boston

Tweak Your Color

“Without sunlight adding natural highlights to your hair, color can look drab. “I like to combine two or three colors in the colder weather, rather than one flat shade. Playing with different shades will add texture to your hair. This winter I’m loving reddish, golden-brown tints for brunettes.”

-- Ricardo Rojas, celebrity hairstylist

Swap Your Styling Products

“Use style creams rather than gels. Creams help soften and protect hair. Gels, on the other hand, can harden in hair especially if they’re applied when hair is wet and allowed to dry. That can lead to the ‘crunchy’ feeling.”

-- Billy Lowe, Los Angeles hairstylist