Heidi Hollinger: Naturally Effervescent

To say that Heidi Hollinger has always had a lot of energy is an understatement. Heidi captured the soul of the emerging “New Russia” with her iconic portraits of powerful politicians and ordinary people. She chronicled businessmen and babushkas. Her sensational photo of the nationalist Vladimir Zhirinovsky -- in his underwear -- sealed her reputation when it was snapped it up by magazines around the world. It was the talk of Moscow, and the world. And it was a coup for the young Canadian, who literally drinks up Russian culture.

Now, Heidi is sharing her unique focus on the world -- in front of the camera. Her latest project is a documentary travel show for TV5, Ports d’attaches. In it she visits 13 of the world’s most interesting ports, including13 épisodes où Heidi parcourt une ville à chaque semaine : Helsinki, Le Cap, La Havane, Lisbonne, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Houston, Reykjavik, San Francisco, Marseille et Moscou. Helsinki, Cape Town, Havana, Lisbon, Tel Aviv, Bangkok, Buenos Aires, Melbourne, Houston, Reykjavik, San Francisco, Marseilles and Moscow. On pourra par exemple assister à une cueillette de champignons en plein cœur d'Helsinki, ville où on trouve plus de saunas que de voitures, visiter la prison où Nelson Mandela a été incarcéré au Cap, naviguer dans les calanques de Marseille avec le comédien québécois Serge Dupire , faire une simulation spatiale avec des astronautes de la NASA, dont Julie Payette , à Houston ou encore visiter San Francisco avec le célèbre écrivain américain Armistead Maupin (Chroniques de San Francisco).So how does Heidi maintain her energy and youthful appearance with this grueling scheduling, and raising two young children?


Her fitness routine depends on the season, but she will do anything but spend time in a gym!

“Right now, I am all about biking. I bike to meetings -- everywhere”, she said. “I love hot yoga too. I go a couple times a week for an hour and half. It’s like boot camp. It’s hard, but changes your body. It’s also such a great cleansing and makes me feel so energized. It takes away my stress and helps me focus. It helps me to be more patient and a better mom too.” Who knew yoga improved parenting skills?

Heidi also loves tennis in the summer and cross-country skiing in the winter. “My mom gave me her love for skiing and now we do it together”.

Heidi’s hectic work and travel schedule can play havoc with her exercise needs, so she sometimes resorts to the Stairmaster or renting bikes when she travels.


A healthful diet is important to Heidi. She is quick to credit her eating and nutrition habits for her slim figure and high energy level. “When I was living in Russia, I read a book called, Eat Yourself Slim, by Michel Monignac. It really worked for me -- I don’t mix proteins with starchy carbs like bread or rice, and I don’t eat red meat. I eat small meals all day instead of three large ones. And I always carry almonds or walnuts with me, so I never get too hungry.”

Another rule of Heidi’s: No bread or muffins after noon. She does indulge in her own homemade whole-grained muffins for breakfast, or freshly-made fruit smoothie.

As for supplements, she takes omega-3, vitamin D, and adds oregano oil and zinc lozenges for colds. She confides that while it is not foolproof, “it definitely helps as long as I start doing it as soon as I feel something coming on”.


Heidi takes a natural approach to beauty. Her favourite beauty tip is moisturizing her face with pure glycerin. She stressed she is never without sun screen and always protects her face by wearing a hat.

Heidi relies on exercise and diet to keep her in top form, but she is far from a fanatic. She is quick to say she loves a good glass of wine and that fine cheese is her weakness.

Heidi’s healthful habits add up to a look and charm that is as effervescent as when she first exploded onto the Russian scene.