Get Fit With Olga Slutsker

Olga Slutsker has a long list of accomplishments to her name: former Russian national fencing champion; awarded the Order of the Russian Orthodox Church of Saint Apostle Grand Duchess Olga of third degree for her charitable activities; and owner of Russia’s largest and most luxe health clubs, World Class Fitness Clubs. She’s also the best advertisement for her own business.

“Fitness is my only business,” she declared. It is also part of her life.

Beautiful and vivacious, Olga resembles the glamorous film star Catherine Zeta Jones. But she is more than just another beautiful woman -- she is accomplished. In 2008 she was on the list of “the top 1,000 professional mangers in Russia”, according to the publishing house, Kommersant and in 2009, Olga was ranked 21 out of the “50 most influential business ladies” by Finance Magazine. 

Olga’s Fitness Tips

To maintain her health, energy and her appearance, Olga follows a strict regime that keeps her fit and healthy. She is a busy executive and mother of two, but like all women she still needs to find time for herself.

“As we age, fitness becomes even more important,” said Slutsker. “I am 40-plus years old and find I need four to five one-hour sessions a week -- not less.”

To maintain her strong form, Slutsker uses function training, during which you change stations every one to two minutes. With this type of exercise, she says, you combine strength training, cardio and core training. “I don’t want to say a woman should do only yoga or Pilates. The type of exercise a women does should depend on what she enjoys.” 

Like all of us, Olga wants to see results. “It’s fun and you see progress very quickly,” she said, describing her favorite function training. She also emphasizes that training for balance is very important for women. Working in balance is often neglected even by women who exercise regularly. A bad sense of balance later in life can lead to falls and broken bones. Experts additionally say women of all ages who are trained in balance have better neurological functioning, avoid falls, and walk more gracefully -- especially in high heels. 

“The great thing about fitness clubs today is that you can find anything you want. Gyms often offer ballet if you like or rehabilitation if you need it,” says Slutsker 

Does Slutsker think that a structured fitness routine is as important for younger women as it is for older women? “If you start in your twenties,” she says, “then you can keep your body young. You can build your structure for life.  You have a lot of emotions when you are young, and stress. Exercise helps to control stress. That is very important for health”.

Olga is an inspiration for women of all ages. She is proof that women can succeed in business and still be fit, feminine, and fashionable.