9 Spring Trends That Are Turning Us Into ’90s Pop Stars


Many of the spring 2014 trends seem fresh and fun, but if you were alive and well in the ’90s, you’ve seen them before. These nine trends will have you saying “Oops, I did it again.” We ’90s girls wore similar fashions because our pop idols were rocking them on stage, in videos and even when just running to the grocery store. Here are nine trendy ways to emulate our fave pop queens this spring.

Short-Stacked and Platform Shoes

Is it just me or did pop stars wear more comfortable shoes in the ’90s? That probably had to do with how chunky, and supportive, their heels were. Well, hooray! Short-stacked heels are back again, so we won’t have to choose between comfort and heels. And you might have sworn you’d never wear platform sneakers again, but since they have graced so many runways for spring, why not reconsider that pledge.  


Eye Shadow

Here’s a challenge: Name a spring 2014 eye shadow trend that isn’t ’90s pop. Well, all those colors we rocked during our childhood because Britney/Christina/your favorite Spice Girl did are taking this spring by storm.

Pastel? Duh.



White? Definitely.



Blue? Super duh.


Bare Face

During our pubescent problem-skin years (thanks, hormones), it was hard not to notice how pop princesses had flawless and seemingly foundation-less skin. The queen of this look? Mandy Moore. So, channel your inner Mandy, skip the foundation and focus instead on getting your post-pubescent skin to glow with touches of liquid illuminator.

Crop Tops

If there’s one trend that every pop queen of the ’90s shared, it was showing off their bellybuttons. From the red carpet to the stage, the crop top was a wardrobe staple. Many a ’90s girl struggled getting out the door and past the parents when trying to copy this look. But struggle no more: The crop top is back, and classier than ever. This time around, skip the super low-rise jeans and go with bottoms with more distinguished waistlines, because … you know, #adulthood.

Oversized Pants

What better way to rock your crop top than with a belted pair of oversized pants? This spring, big pants (especially wide-leg) are all the rage. And while the ’90s men clearly owned the baggy pants look, it didn’t stop many a diva from getting her moves on in pants with extra legroom.

Sheer Fabrics

If you wanted to be sexy in the ’90s, you went sheer. And we all knew the magic fix for a skimpy top was a sheer over layer. Our ‘rents may not have been 100 percent with us on that one, but all our fave pop idols were doing it. Sheer accents and over layers are just as hot this spring as they were back in our tween and teen years.


I’m pretty sure baby pink and baby blue were considered neutrals in the pop world from 1990 to 1999. Well, pastels have been adorned the “it” colors of spring 2014. Clearly Britney was ahead of her time.

Razzle Dazzle

One thing we learned from our pop icons was how to add some spice to an outfit. Yes, we’re talking Spice Girls. These gals were no strangers to the iridescent fabrics, embellishments and other quirky details that graced this year’s fashion week runways. Come on ladies, don’t be shy!


Mermaid Hair

Alanis Morissette. Need I say more? The “I-didn’t-brush-my-hair” look is going to be hot this spring for longer locks. So we can go back to the days of falling asleep in braids and even start parting our hair in the center again. I, for one, am very excited.


by Girard Cseh