Spring Clean Your Beauty Arsenal


Time to spring forward into a new hair and beauty regimen! The intensive products that gave dull, dry winter hair and skin a lift are no longer necessary as the sun comes out and temperatures heat up. Here, before you head to the drugstore or beauty counter, is a wrap-up of the products you should ditch, those that can stick around and the hair and makeup must-haves to look your most beautiful this spring.


Warmer temperatures typically mean more moisture in the air, so less hydration is required from your hair care products. “Let up on heavy conditioners that can weigh hair down, particularly if you have naturally oily hair,” says Monaé Everett, celebrity hair and makeup artist who counts tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams among her clients. Look for products that create soft and flowy hair, which is the tress trend this spring.

What to toss: Deep conditioning masks.

What to keep: Shine serums and argan oil, for a light sheen. For versatility, Everett suggests seeking out products that can be used on wet or dry hair.

What to invest in: Leave-in conditioner for a lighter hair moisturizer, and a heat protectant to shield hair from your blow-dryer and the sun.


Say goodbye (at least for now) to pastels and muted tones. “It’s all about bright colors this spring, like neon orange and cobalt blue,” says Everett. Just as importantly, you’ll want products that work double duty to protect your skin from the increasing exposure to the sun.

What to toss: Creamy makeup purchased in the fall, as well as dark or muted lip and eye colors.

What to keep: BB cream or tinted moisturizer, which are easy to apply, lightweight and serve many purposes in a flash. “Glowing skin is in for spring,” says Everett.

What to invest in: Moisturizer or lip cream containing SPF to serve as your first base. Follow with a fun spring color such as sapphire eye shadow or tangerine lipstick. Just be sure never to wear these bold hues together.

by Beatrice Strnad