Tahyna Tozzi: Beauty, Health and Happiness

Seeing Tahyna Tozzi in life -- real life -- proves that she’s just as much a gorgeous little glow machine on screen as she is in person. She’s perfectly bronzed after just returning to Sydney from a week in Bali, casually dressed in her bathrobe and ready to take on the world, talking about her life in Los Angeles and how it wasn’t entirely easy to move countries and settle in right away.

But settled she has, landing roles in X-Men Origins: Wolverine and three films set to release this year (Trophy Kids, where she plays Quinn Thorndike, a love interest shared by two boys; Needle; and The Science of Cool), and with her perfect skin, not-at-all-heavy makeup and freshly washed hair that was left out and not blow-dried, it’s no surprise that this girl knows a thing or two about beauty on the inside and out.

Tahyna loves natural beauty products and barely-there makeup. She admits that before she became an actress and had access to the top makeup artists in Hollywood, she rarely wore makeup at all. “I've learned how to wear eye shadow and liner. I have never really worn a lot of makeup, so when I see something I like, I always try to recreate it at home.”  

But looking at her in person, you’d be pushed to think she wasn’t a beauty fanatic -- or at least a skin care one. Her face is blemish-free and healthy looking, with a touch of tinted moisturiser, a slick of nude gloss and some mascara. That’s all. Tahyna typically applies just those three little products so lightly to her face. Shocking! -- I know. In a world where Hollywood up-and-comers feel the pressure to boost, lift and up their makeup application to megawatt levels, Tahyna’s self-confidence and lack of pretence stands out. In fact, it makes me love her just a little bit more -- she’s an absolute delight.  
Her daily makeup regimen consists of soap, of which she knows isn’t the best option, and a simple pack of cleansing wipes. “I know this seems quite bad, but I usually just wash my face with an all-natural soap bar and water in the morning and follow by moisturiser. At the end of the day I use a cleansing wipe and end up adding a little pure vitamin E oil or coconut oil. It seems so basic, but I'm a big believer that what goes into the body comes out. So I work on looking after myself from the inside,” she explains.

Tahyna’s approach to beauty is easy and relaxed, and just how she likes it. She looks at things holistically and carries her down-to-earth attitude through all aspects of her beauty regimen, choosing products that are packed with natural oils, or anything that slightly resembles a rose in both colour or scent. She knows what works for her, doesn’t take fame, beauty or life too seriously, and above all, lets her sparkly personality take centre stage.