How to Extend the Life of Your Blowout

We’ve all been there: You spend an hour achieving a gorgeous, frizz-free blowout, only to wake up to a crinkled, limp mess. But don’t worry. There’s an easy fix! Using the right techniques and products -- starting before you even touch the blow-dryer -- will help you maintain your style for days.

The most important step to achieving a long-lasting blowout is a good wash. “Without a clean head of hair, your blowout will not last, and is likely to get oily quicker if there is any residue left from previous products,” says Jacqueline Romero, salon manager at BLOWN, a blow dry salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. Look for products that work with your hair type, she adds. Dry hair craves products that add moisture and shine, such as a shampoo with shine-boosting argan oil. For flat hair, use something with a bit of grip, or products that add body, such as silicone-free volumizing shampoo.

For a smooth look with added bounce, Romero suggests this blow-dry technique: Flip your head and rough-dry your hair, focusing on getting the roots dry to maintain the lift. Using either a large round brush or vented paddle brush, section the hair into four quadrants. Lay the hair onto the brush, and angle your blow-dryer to keep the hair on the bristles. Move from the roots through the mid-shaft to the ends while continuously turning the brush. Repeat until hair is dry. Tip: If you have bangs or a fringe, blow-dry that part first.

Lightly top off your flowing locks with a shine serum. “Apply just to the ends of the hair, avoiding extra oil at the roots,” Romero says. When your hair hits the “oily” day, use a dry-shampoo. “Your blow-out will last up to 2 days longer with a dry shampoo,” Romero says. To apply, make long horizontal sections in hair and spray shampoo into the first inch of the root. Brush through to disperse product. Tip: Sleep on satin pillowcases to prevent frizz.

Glamorous Holiday Hair, Part IV: Go Retro!

A holiday party is a great occasion to get a little adventurous with a gorgeous new hairstyle. This year, the most modern look calls for retro hair. Try one of these vintage ’dos from the ’40s, ’50s or ’60s. One thing that’s timeless is shiny healthy hair, so make sure to spend a few extra minutes with a deep conditioning treatment or mask on every week this month, if you don’t already. 

Pinup Girl

Start with hair that’s been curled with a curling iron, and you’ll just need to do a bit of backcombing and place a few bobby pins strategically for smart and chic 1940s looks: a pompadour, pump swirl, Rosie the Riveter, victory rolls or more. These looks go great with an embellished cardigan, a pencil skirt and a bright cherry lip. A light mist of flexible hold hairspray and your look will last -- even through endless rounds of the jitterbug or lindy-hop.

'Mad Men' Bob

Whether your hair is short or long you can create Betty Draper’s glam chin-length do. The secret, if your hair is longer than chin length, is a deftly hidden ponytail. For this style, you’ll want to use a curling iron to curl the front sections of your hair toward your face. To keep your locks from getting scorched always apply a heat-protectant before using a hot styling tool. This hairstyle has a sly sexiness to it. Wear it with your favorite classic LBD.

Veronica Lake Waves

Reese Witherspoon, Tina Fey, Jennifer Lopez, Blake Lively and Kate Winslet have all worn it on the red carpet. We’re talking about old Hollywood glamour waves. The Veronica Lake look, curls cascading over one shoulder, is the ultimate accessory for a strapless gown. The key to these femme waves is wrapping hair around, not inside, the barrel of a curling iron and allowing them to cool completely before you brush them out. Keep your curls frizz-free and satiny with a no-crunch curls whip.

Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

Glamorous Holiday Hair, Part II: Easy Styles for Long Hair

Lengthy locks give a lot of room to experiment with playful styles that match your mood and the holiday occasion. From plaits to ponies, we rounded up a few easy-to-do hairstyles for tresses below the shoulders. 

1. Faux Bob Curls

Shorten your tresses without committing to a cut with this sexy style. Seen on beauties like Taylor Swift and Naomi Watts, the glamorous look goes perfectly with a cocktail dress and a bold lip. Before using any heating tools, generously spray a heat protectant on your hair to protect against heat damage.

2. Twisted Side Ponytail

Asymmetrical hairstyles are increasingly popular, and it’s easy for long-haired ladies to get in on the trend. This low ponytail with a twist is perfect for those after-work holiday parties, where your primping space is limited to the office bathroom mirror. A fun and flirty ponytail is also a great time to play up your eyes with this season’s colors, like purple or metallic. To get a sleeker pony, try a smooth serum with Moroccan argan oil.

3. Messy Fishtail Plait

The fishtail style has been reborn into a more carefree look that perfectly balances formal holiday attire. Beauties from Lea Michele to Blake Lively have mastered this modern look, which works best when left messy and somewhat undone. Let your shorter layers frame your face, loosen the braid and finish off this beautiful, feminine style with a spritz of flexible hold hairspray.

Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

Glamorous Holiday Hair, Part I: Short Hairstyles

The holiday season often means going from cubicle to cocktails to catered events. A simple way to get into the party spirit and transform your look is with a standout hairstyle. Just because your locks don’t reach your shoulders doesn’t mean you need to be limited in your hair creations. We rounded up three easy-to-follow hairstyle tutorials for short-haired gals.

1. Half-up Hair Pouf

If your everyday hairstyle includes flat locks, the holidays are the perfect time for making a hair-raising statement. This 60s meets modern rock star look has been spotted on celebs like Eva Longoria and Kate Beckinsale. Pair with minimal makeup and soft colors to create balance. Be sure to make the style stay standing tall with a texturizing sculpting wax.

2. Perfect Curls

Curls on short hair don’t need to make you resemble Shirley Temple. Loose curls add body and sexy sophistication to any look. Curls will hold better with day-old hair and can be achieved with the same heating tool used to straighten hair -- and a little patience. Protect locks from damage and boost shine with a heat protectant.

3. Easy Braided Updo

This style is perfect for day-to-night, as the only tools required include a small stash of rubber bands, barrettes and your fingers. Braids show no sign of disappearing, as they continue to dominate designer runways and red carpets. To really channel celeb style, pair this feminine look with a smoky eye or bold lip. Smooth down any flyaways with a smooth serum of your choice.

Photo by Paul Siewert on Unsplash

5 Habits of Women With Gorgeous Shiny Hair

Have you ever turned green with envy when you spotted a woman with gorgeous gleaming hair? Most of us have. But rather than wishing those shiny tresses were yours, here’s a better idea. Learn the secrets of women with high-gloss hair, and you can amp up the luster of your own locks.

1. Women with shiny hair don’t play rough. To create silky shine, treat your hair like fine silk. Use only a wide-tooth comb to detangle wet hair. When you step out of the shower, blot -- don’t rub -- your hair with a towel. Cut down on brushing to avoid fraying strands. “Use the minimum number of brush strokes it takes to achieve or refresh your style,” says Jeni Thomas, a Pantene research scientist on hair and scalp health. Look for a brush that has seamless bristles. “These bristles won’t inflict damage the way bristles with rough surfaces can,” says Thomas.

2. Women with shiny hair use heat tools with care. Protect your hair from being damaged by the high heat of blow-dryers, curling irons and flat irons by coating towel-dried strands with a thermal-protectant product. Always use the nozzle attachment on your dryer. “The coils on dryers are so hot you can literally fry your hair if you place the dryer right against your hair,” says Giovanni Mele, artistic director and owner of Philadelphia’s Giovanni & Pileggi salon. “Without a nozzle, you’re delivering heat and air in all directions, and that can leave your hair frizzy rather than smooth and shiny.” If you’ve been using the same hot tools for the last decade, consider an upgrade. New technology, such as ceramic flat irons and ionic dryers, speeds styling time and reduces the static electricity that causes flyaways and dullness.

3. Women with shiny hair keep their tresses well-hydrated. Shine happens when light bounces off hair’s smooth reflective surface, which means you want your hair to be less like straw and more like ice. Moisturizing shampoos gently remove dirt and product buildup -- which can lead to dull, brittle hair -- and deposit feather-light oils and protein to boost luster. Look for ingredients like dimethicone and aloe vera; they smooth the cuticle and seal water inside the shaft.

4. Women with shiny hair are consistent about conditioning. You don’t need to shampoo your hair daily, but every time you wet it in the shower, applying a conditioner to the ends is essential to keep strands soft and smooth. Once or twice a week, apply a moisturizing mask, then don a shower cap and run a blower over your head for two or three minutes. “That heat helps the treatment ingredients penetrate the hair shaft,” says stylist Steve Lococo, co-owner of B2V Salon in West Hollywood. “That’s why salon treatments always include a few minutes under the dryer.”

5. Women with shiny hair choose styling products that add extra sparkle. Whether you like glossing drops, anti-frizz cream, hair spray, nourishing oil or volumizing mousse, you can find a shine-enhancing version of your favorite styling product. Just avoid your roots and be sure to use a very small amount of product. Instead of applying the styling product directly to your hair, try spraying or spreading a bit on your palms instead and then run them lightly over your hair, section by section.