Spring Clean Your Beauty Arsenal

Time to spring forward into a new hair and beauty regimen! The intensive products that gave dull, dry winter hair and skin a lift are no longer necessary as the sun comes out and temperatures heat up. Here, before you head to the drugstore or beauty counter, is a wrap-up of the products you should ditch, those that can stick around and the hair and makeup must-haves to look your most beautiful this spring.


Warmer temperatures typically mean more moisture in the air, so less hydration is required from your hair care products. “Let up on heavy conditioners that can weigh hair down, particularly if you have naturally oily hair,” says Monaé Everett, celebrity hair and makeup artist who counts tennis stars Serena and Venus Williams among her clients. Look for products that create soft and flowy hair, which is the tress trend this spring.

What to toss: Deep conditioning masks.

What to keep: Shine serums and argan oil, for a light sheen. For versatility, Everett suggests seeking out products that can be used on wet or dry hair.

What to invest in: Leave-in conditioner for a lighter hair moisturizer, and a heat protectant to shield hair from your blow-dryer and the sun.


Say goodbye (at least for now) to pastels and muted tones. “It’s all about bright colors this spring, like neon orange and cobalt blue,” says Everett. Just as importantly, you’ll want products that work double duty to protect your skin from the increasing exposure to the sun.

What to toss: Creamy makeup purchased in the fall, as well as dark or muted lip and eye colors.

What to keep: BB cream or tinted moisturizer, which are easy to apply, lightweight and serve many purposes in a flash. “Glowing skin is in for spring,” says Everett.

What to invest in: Moisturizer or lip cream containing SPF to serve as your first base. Follow with a fun spring color such as sapphire eye shadow or tangerine lipstick. Just be sure never to wear these bold hues together.

Oscars Hair Alert: Short Is In!

The gowns were, as always, long at this year’s Oscars. But short was definitely in. We’re talking about hair, of course. Some of the chicest hairstyles at the ultimate red carpet event were clipped, cropped and barely grazing the ears -- proof that gorgeous and glam comes in all lengths.

Charlize Theron

Sporting a stunning Dior gown with a dramatically plunging neckline and dripping in 31 carats of Harry Winston diamonds, the blonde beauty made everybody’s best-dressed list. But it was her cropped ’do that had us turning our heads. Charlize’s hair, grown out since her pixie days, was sleek and sexy, with a very modern side part. Absolute perfection.

Anne Hathaway

When Anne Hathaway presented the best supporting actor Oscar to Jared Leto, the two made a striking couple. His hair flowed past his shoulders, while hers was boyishly short. But Anne looked every inch the lady with her beautifully toned arms and shoulders on full display and the most perfectly arched brows of the night. (Brow maintenance is a must with super-short hair.)

Lupita Nyong’o

Along with her Oscar for best supporting actress, Lupita Nyong’o also deserves top props for the best hair accessory. Her glimmering diamond and gold headband was designed by jeweler-to-the-stars Fred Leighton. To recreate the look for less, search the Web for “glitter headband” and you’ll find entire online boutiques devoted to the sparkling accessory, with styles starting at less than two bucks. Or shop Etsy for handmade versions just a dollar more in dozens of colors, including orchid (Pantone’s color for the year), charcoal, rose, turquoise and wine.

Jennifer Lawrence

The Oscar contender may not have won the golden statue this year, but she wowed with the latest incarnation of her pixie -- brushed back and elegant with tons of volume. Reports say she was wearing $3 million-worth of Neil Lane jewels, but we think the most important part of her look was a genius root-lifting gel. 

Portia de Rossi

Uh oh, we’ve got dueling ’dos here. Much like Jennifer Lawrence, Portia wore her blond tresses swept back and amped up. Who wore it best? The envelope says … the tresses tie! 


‘Butt Breathing’ & 6 Other Things You Didn’t Know About Models

February may be the official month of love, but to the style-obsessed, it’s all about fashion: The first of many a Fashion Week kicked off in New York on the 6th and then we’re off to London, Milan and Paris. So why fuss about romance when there are meggings (yes, that’s leggings for men) and orange lipstick to discuss? Many fashionistas would take a runway show over a candlelit dinner any day.

Like good magicians, great fashion shows will blow you away and leave you wondering how they ever pulled it off. As models move flawlessly forward, they exhibit goddess-like confidence and fierceness. Victoria Secret has even dubbed its models “Angels.” But don’t be fooled: Behind every Aphrodite is a real woman -- with real thoughts, worries and funny little habits that make her even more gorgeous. To discover this other side of models that we never get to see on the runway, we went behind the scenes and talked to the people who make the magic happen. Here are seven amazing things we found out about models.

1. They sometimes just want to get it over with.
You know those let’s-just-get-this-over-with things we have to do sometimes (i.e., public speaking, gyno appointments, job interviews)? Well, walking down a runway is just as nerve-racking, and like with public speaking, speeding through it will only make it worse.

“The camera shot is what lasts,” says Iris Latour, fashion coordinator, host and model with eight years of industry experience. “I always tell my girls to slow down. Nothing is worse than a fast walk. Imagine that you're speeding up so fast that the photographer can't even get a good shot of you! Then, why did you walk in the first place?”


Iris Latour taking it slow. She knows the camera phones are watching! (Photo credit: Pete Hopkins)

2. They’ll pick bagels over apples any day.
A lot of people assume models fast or skip meals before a show -- and that they have superpowers that allow them to do ridiculous things like say no to nachos! Not true. With all that strutting and stress, models can’t run on empty. And like the rest of us, they crave carbs when the pressure’s on. Food is often provided at fashion shows, and during New York Fashion Week, models often pick bagels over fruit. Who can blame them? They are in New York, home of the world’s best bagels, after all.


You’d be clapping too if there were bagels waiting for you backstage! (Photo credit: Gerry Shih)

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3. They “breathe through their butts.”
The best advice I ever got, says Ella Cooley, a California model with five years of industry experience, is “Breathe through your butt.” As silly it may sound, focusing your breath towards your rear end helps your shoulders drop and keeps your chest from moving in ways that might affect the look as you walk. They’re actually also great “words to walk by” for those of us (finger pointed at my tall-girl slouch) who struggle with maintaining good posture.


4. They sometimes get left behind.
It takes a village to dress a model at a fashion show. “There are several dressers assigned to each model,” says Cooley. “They make sure that I get in and out of each look safely and back out on the runway in good time.” A team of people working all up in your personal space is essential. “I've been forgotten before,” says Latour, “and you can't imagine how insane it is to rip off my own clothes, headdress, shoes and try to slink into something else on my own!”


Pre-show “all hands in” backstage. One, two, three: No model left behind! Photo credit: Nick Navarro

5. They often feel nervous when all eyes are on them.
Models can’t just imagine everyone in their underwear to calm their nerves, especially when looking down can cause them to misstep, or worse, become yet another viral video of modeling falls. Instead, models have to find a way to balance being in the moment while not messing up their walk. “I remind myself not to fall and find a soft focus where the things I see around me are present but fuzzy,” says Cooley.

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6. They study a lot to get ahead.
Shows require beauty and brains. To do right by the designer, Cooley says, you have to study their work so you can develop the right walk. “Clothes can be used to tell a story,” she says. “Taking on the appropriate attitude for a piece is important to help the audience realize the overall aesthetic the designer is going for.”


Just your typical Tuesday night study group. (Photo credit: Alamedia Design)

7. They love BYOB.
And by BYOB, we mean “bring your own bra,” of course. We all know that bra size doesn’t mean a bra fits. And since models aren’t preternaturally immune to this phenomenon … “I always pack a nude bra and thong, and a black bra and thong,” says Latour.

Misplaced your invite to your favorite designer’s show? No worries. Just attend fashion weeks across the globe virtually by cruising Twitter and Instagram. Check out the official fashion week hashtags #NYFW, #LFW, #MFW and #PFW. And don’t forget to share your fave fashion finds with us on Twitter @thestyleglossy!

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What’s Poppin’? 3 Flash Retail Spots to Hit Up in NYC This Month

I used to think “For Lease” signs were simply placards for stores that were moving on. Then one day, I was walking by a storefront up for lease that wasn’t empty. I peeked through the windows, no longer concealed by large white sheets, and saw rows of miniature cupcakes for sale. The “For Lease” sign still hung there, but it might as well have read “Temporarily Cupcakes.”

You never really know when they’re going to “pop,” but temporary retail, also known as pop-up shops, are trendy and fun. From a giant shoebox selling Adidas to Etsy’s first in-person retail space, pop-up shops infuse shopping with excitement (not that we needed something new to motivate us to shop!). But spontaneity and lack of longevity also means they can be easily missed. So I reached out to the people at Storefront, the world's largest marketplace that connects brands, designers and artists with the best retail spaces, and they gave me some before-they-pop tips about a trio of exciting pop-ups coming to New York City this month.

1. Knight Couverture Chocolat (Feb. 10-16)

Via: Knight Chocolat

Just in time for Valentine’s Day, Knight Couverture Chocolat takes luxury chocolate to the next level with edible gold. Yes, you read that right. Decadent dark and white truffles flaked or wrapped with 23-karat gold you can eat. And if you’re not into eating your metals, they have more traditional truffles filled with chocolate, pecan, coconut and more.

Find it at: 501 Lexington Avenue, Manhattan

2. Smart Glamour (Feb. 22)

Via: SmartGlamour

SmartGlamour is all about combining beauty and brains. Their clothes support body-positivity and although this is the brand and designer Mallorie Carrington’s first collection, she is taking an industry stand by working with models that range size two to twenty-two and are of varying heights. You can look forward to smart, sexy clothing that loves your body the way it is.

Find it at: 137 West 14th Street Unit A, Manhattan

3. Pop Co-Op (Feb. 28 - March 2)

Via: Storefront

Why settle for one designer when you can have 15? Open Gallery Space is hosting its first pop-up cooperative. You’ll be able to try on clothes from 15 different collections all in the same fitting room! Even better: The event is the first of many bimonthly pop-up cooperatives.

Find it at: 355A Bowery, Manhattan

Find a pop-up shop near you! While the flash retail trend is thriving in big cities like New York and Los Angeles, pop-up shops are cropping up everywhere. To find one near you, search Twitter with the hashtag #popup or Google your city name and “pop up.” Of course, there is always the chance you’ll just be out walking and happen upon one. Don’t believe me? These delicious Baked by Melissa cupcakes I’m munching on right now say otherwise. Happy hunting!


Shopping: The Worst Cure for Heartbreak

Shopping Strategies for the Perfect Closet

Suspension Workouts

Do you dream of defying gravity, Cirque du Soleil style? Or flying through the air with the greatest of ease? Suspension training can help you accomplish both and get a full body workout. This popular fitness trend entails leveraging your body weight by hanging, swinging or gripping straps while performing a variety of moves.

“Suspension training gives you the most bang for your buck,” says Todd Durkin, an exercise physiologist and spokesperson for IDEA Health and Fitness Association. “You get your cardio while incorporating strength, stability and core training all at the same time.”

By targeting the small muscles that stabilize the joints as well as the large physique muscles, suspension training is a great way to help prevent injury. Here are some swinging classes that will likely be coming to a gym near you very soon.

Do It Military Style
A former Navy Seal’s invention and Gwen Stefani’s workout of choice, the TRX (Total Body Resistance Exercise) system is the most popular suspension option around. The system is comprised of a pair of straps with handles joined together, which can be anchored to a door or suspended from the ceiling at the gym. It allows you to harness your own body weight and create just the right amount of resistance by adjusting your body angles.

Whether you join a group class or buy an at-home system (about $170 to $230 from Fitness Anywhere online), take it slow in the beginning, advises Carol Espel, the national director of group fitness and Pilates for Equinox Fitness Clubs. “TRX can be extremely challenging,” she says. “Since you’re working with only two straps, you need to make sure you have the strength to keep your body stable.”  

Defy Gravity the Yoga Way
Spend a playful hour suspended from the ceiling in a white fabric hammock while you swing and stretch, using your core in ways you never dreamed possible. Developed by aerial artist Christopher Harrison, who put the likes of Mariah Carey and Jane Krakowski in the hammock for their stage shows, AntiGravity yoga classes are available at gyms and studios around the country.

The benefits: It decompresses joints and aligns the spine without strain, it makes inversions (upside-down poses) easier by offering the support you need without neck compression, and it helps increase flexibility and strength by allowing you to hold poses longer than you could in a conventional yoga class. Check the AntiGravity Yoga Web site to see if there’s a class starting at your local studio.

Circus Training, Seriously
Circus-inspired suspension training -- at studios like Cirque School in Los Angeles and the Trapeze School, which offers classes in several major metropolitan areas -- begin with a circuit-training warm-up and then move on to some real trapeze swinging.

Equinox Fitness Clubs launched the Jukari Fit to Fly workout, in partnership with Cirque du Soleil. “We wanted people to inject fun back into their workouts,” explains Espel. And with Jukari, a gentler version of a pro circus workout, everyone can feel the sensation of flying through the air as they gain speed and a bit of altitude with the FlySet, a durable rope fixed to the ceiling.

Work out Like an Inka Warrior
Equinox’s INKA fitness program is a graceful core-conditioning workout created by Kurt Dasbach, who based the INKA program on a South American folk workout he learned in Chile. There they used branches and ropes instead of a trapeze-like apparatus with straps and handles. Based on old-fashioned resistance training, INKA gives you the discipline and rigor of a TRX workout with the fun and flow of a trapeze experience. It’s especially good for fine-tuning balance and improving range of motion as well as offering strength and flexibility training.